Ginsburg and Chicago / Funny things / Bye, Lawry’s

Ginsburg and Chicago. Flowers in memory of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg have been accumulating at the North Side headquarters of the classical music record company founded by her son.

A federal appeals court judge in Chicago, Amy Coney Barrett, is reportedly among the front-runners in President Trump’s consideration of nominees to replace Ginsburg.
She’s known for her conservative religious views.
Reuters reviews some of Barrett’s notable opinions—supporting gun rights, favoring Trump’s immigration restrictions, and signaling opposition to abortion rights …
 … a record that Washington Post deputy editorial page editor Ruth Marcus says should alarm liberals.

‘You will certainly be hearing this week.’ Trump’s press secretary says he could announce his pick before the weekend.
CNN’s Ronald Brownstein: The fight over Ginsburg’s successor casts a shadow over U.S. majority rule. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)
University of Chicago Insitute of Politics director David Axelrod: If Trump and the Republican Senate “ram thru a replacement” for Ginsburg, the Supreme Court “will have a majority of justices appointed by presidents who finished 2d in the popular vote, confirmed by Senate majorities who represented less than half of the country.”

Funny things. Remember when Mayor Lightfoot said in March that Chicago would stop ticketing, booting and impounding cars citywide? The Tribune reports 35,000 car owners got tickets anyway.
Critics fear Illinois’ lead utility consumer advocacy group, the Citizens Utility Board, has been compromised by taking millions from foundations funded by ComEd.
General Electric is getting out of the coal business.

‘I have to laugh.’ Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg is amused when his “somehow still idealistic friends wonder when Donald Trump’s base will abandon him.”
Political strategist Don Rose on his 90th birthday: “The biggest problem is still racism.”
A Sun-Times editorial calls on the Illinois State Board of Elections to leave no dollar unspent to ensure the November election goes off without a hitch.

The U.S. vs. the U.S. Trump’s Justice Department has named New York City, Portland and Seattle “anarchist jurisdictions” …

Bye, Lawry’s. An iconic Chicago restaurant—part of a chain founded in Beverly Hills, Calfornia—is closing at the end of the year.
To boost a low census turnout in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood, a laundromat is offering free washes to those who get counted.

‘Oh boy. I get to say Schitt’s Creek on the radio all morning!’ Chicago radio news veteran and current WCBS Newsradio (New York) anchor Steve Scott greeted the day embracing news of a historic comedy sweep at last night’s pandemically funny Emmys.
Personal note: Thanks to WCGO Radio’s Hannah & Fred Show for hosting your Square publisher on the air Sunday to talk about journalism and the evolution of the news biz.

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