A court clincher / ‘Pandemic pain’ / CTA’s loss, music’s gain

A court clincher. Sen. Mitt Romney says he’ll support a floor vote on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, virtually assuring the president a chance to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Blogger Charlie Madigan: “Senate Republicans are well within their rights in doing all of this, as is Trump in sending a name in as quickly as he wants, just to stick us all one more time with his abusive approach toward power.”

Happy National Voter Registration Day. Unregistered? Please un-unregister here.
A Wesleyan University government professor explains how a judge could decide the presidential election.
Tribune columnist Steve Chapman: “This election won’t be the end of the United States. But it could be the beginning of the end.”

‘That’s all we need is another person in the Black Caucus.’ A Republican state representative is apologizing for her secretly recorded racist and homophobic comments about her Democratic challenger.
Her statement includes this old chestnut: “These comments do not reflect my heart or my faith.”
Dishonored ex-MSNBC hosts Chris Matthews faces backlash for praising Trump’s “presidential behavior.”
A week after getting fired from The Score, WSCR-AM, host Dan McNeil has apologized for a sexist tweet about an ESPN reporter.

‘Pandemic pain.’ CNN’s Brian Stelter worries that the media are missing “the … suffering all across America.”
A federal watchdog reports millions may miss out on coronavirus relief payments of up to $1,200 per person because government records are incomplete.
Chicago’s laid out new rules for outdoor restaurant and bar service through the winter.
Britain’s prime minister is ordering new virus restrictions and says they could last another six months.
A University of Arizona professor says the COVID-19 virus “may be gifting us” with a key to new ways of relieving pain.

Graphic footage. Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability has released police body camera video of the Sept. 1 shooting and killing of a man in Pilsen.
This recording, at least, emerges well within the 60-day policy the city has repeatedly ignored.
See it here.

‘The results were not pretty.’ The Trib assesses an international nonprofit organization’s conclusion that Cook County’s property tax burden has been unfairly shifted onto the owners of less expensive properties.
Read the report here.

Ready for the Illinois Belted Kingfishers?
A campaign to make a blue-and-orange bird the new mascot of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is taking flight …
 … leaving a 2015 push for the Fighting Honest Abes in the dust.

Hope they had extra handcuffs. Chicago’s “Dread Head Cowboy” and his horse were taken into custody after a ride on the Dan Ryan Expressway …
 … to raise awareness, he said, of the #KidsLivesMatter movement to raise awareness of the need to fill out the U.S. Census …
 … which you can and should do here—now.
Headed west from downtown to the northbound Kennedy? The ramp from Ida B. Wells Drive (formerly Congress Parkway) is about to reopen.

The CTA’s loss, music’s gain. Bus driver by day and internationally acclaimed bluesman by night Toronzo Cannon is retiring from the Chicago Transit Authority at the end of the month.
Hear his music on his website. (Photo: Chris Monaghan.)

Thanks to Pam Spiegel for catching an erroneous s above.

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