Illinois on edge / ‘Think twice about … Wisconsin’ / Facebook owes you

Illinois on edge. As a grand jury nears a decision on the death in Louisville of Breonna Taylor—shot and killed at her home in March as police executed a no-knock warrant—Gov. Pritzker has put the Illinois National Guard into a “state of readiness” should that decision trigger unrest here.
The University of Chicago Crime Lab is studying how Chicago can deploy cops more effectively across the city.
After that protest ride down the Dan Ryan Expressway, police have charged the city’s “Dreadhead Cowboy” with animal cruelty, asserting his horse collapsed afterward.

The New York Times: Biden’s gaining support in suburbs across the country—but not Milwaukee’s.
The Atlantic: “If the vote is close, Donald Trump could easily throw the election into chaos and subvert the result. Who will stop him?(Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)
Almost a quarter-million ballots will be in the mail to Chicagoans beginning Thursday.

‘Think twice about going to Wisconsin right now.’ Chicago’s public health commissioner is putting the Badger State back on the city’s naughty list—an emergency travel order directing arriving travelers to quarantine for 14 days.
Johnson & Johnson today launches a final 60,000-volunteer round in its study of a single-dose COVID-19 vaccine.

Lightfoot’s power power. Under contract pressure from Mayor Lightfoot, ComEd has agreed not to shut off electricity to homes through the winter …
Even as the mayor presses ComEd for more minority hiring, her top lawyer is pushing back against aldermen demanding minority participation in city contracts.

‘This is the one chance that we have.’ The coauthor of a new report from an environmental think tank says the pandemic has given the world an opportunity to make progress against the climate crisis—and the world is blowing it.

Facebook owes you. Illinoisans whose faces have appeared on Facebook between June 7, 2011, and Aug. 19, 2020, may qualify for up to $400 in compensation under the state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act.
Applying takes only a couple of minutes here.
Facebook is getting ready to shut it all down if the Nov. 3 election descends into civil unrest and violence.

With great marketing power comes great responsibility. The Uncle Ben’s rice brand name is getting a new name. (Link corrected.)
Chicago Bears legend Gale Sayers, a Black player whose friendship with white teammate Brian Piccolo became the stuff of legend, is dead after a long fight against dementia—which his wife blamed in part on his football career.

Trump vs. journalists. For the second time in a week, the president celebrated police attacks on reporters.
MSNBC host Joe Scarborough: “It’s … the language of fascists.”
One of Trump’s Supreme Court candidates—Chicago-based federal judge Amy Coney Barrett—has been linked to a group that inspired Margaret Atwood’s dystopian The Handmaid’s Tale. (Clarification, Sept. 26, from Vox: “They’re not actually connected. But the story spread anyway.”)
If the new WGN America NewsNation broadcast’s big “get” interview with Trump yesterday broke news or brought substantial skepticism to bear on the president, it was well hidden.

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 Thanks to reader John Robinson for flagging the bad link above and to Pam Spiegel for additional clarity on wording for that item.

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