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‘World’s Most Dangerous Man.’ Based on academic papers, deleted tweets, lawsuits and interviews with former colleagues and teachers, The Washington Post pieces together much of what has the Trump family working feverishly to suppress publication of a book by Donald Trump’s niece, clinical psychologist Mary L. Trump.
Conservative columnist Mona Charen: “A statue or two may unjustly bite the dust, but the greater threat to law and order and yes, civilization, is the guy at the Resolute Desk.”

Asked a softball question last night on Fox News—“What are your top priority items for a second term?”—Trump had no answer. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)

A new record. The number of new coronavirus cases in the U.S. hit an all-time high today—passing the previous mark set in April …
 … which makes this a funny time for the Trump administration to move before the Supreme Court to kill the Affordable Care Act …
 … a decision House Speaker Nancy Pelosi labels “unfathomable cruelty.”

‘Time for us to get our wiggles out.’ One of Gov. Pritzker’s medical advisers, Dr. Emily Landon, says Illinoisans should feel at least a little better about getting out of their homes and into the world during the summer …
 …as the state moves into Phase 4 of its reopening plan, with the return of theaters, zoos and gyms—and, within limits, bars and restaurants …
 … in sharp contrast with backtracking states like, for instance, Texas.
And Florida.
Illinois Public Health Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike praises Illinois: “You did it! Illinois is being touted across the country for getting it right.”
But, she says, wear a mask or you’re just playing Russian roulette: “We don’t know who’s infected; we don’t know if we are infected. We’re just taking a chance.”
Contrary to crap shared on Facebook, PolitiFact confirms, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends masks.

To travel or not? As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention chief acknowledges the number of Americans infected with COVID-19 is probably in reality 10 times the official count, the Tribune’s Mary Schmich is wary of airline ads promising $49 summer fares.
A Trib editorial board member shares lessons from a Wednesday flight between Chicago and Los Angeles.

Fine things. The Illinois Tollway is dramatically cutting its fees for unpaid tolls.
The City of Chicago, communications companies and some rich folk are teaming up to bring high-speed internet to 100,000 kids.
Politico: Illinois lawmakers see significant and permanent improvements emerging from the pandemic and social upheaval.
A dangerous stretch of Milwaukee Avenue is getting a bike-lane upgrade.

‘It is time to start from scratch.’ Updating coverage: The Minneapolis City Council votes today on a plan to allow the elimination of its police department.
Price tag for Cook County property damage after protests sparked by the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd: An estimated $20 million.

‘If you think Black lives matter … try to live alongside living Blacks.’ Veteran suburban journalist Irv Leavitt, debuting a column by email, suggests newly conscientious white suburbanites should put their money where their mouths are and embrace affordable housing.
Poynter’s Tom Jones: “This NASCAR noose story is not going away—nor should it.”
Here’s a photo of the rope found in driver Bubba Wallace’s garage.
A racetrack owner has been advertising “Bubba Rope” for sale.

‘We ought to stop acting like a pack of jackals.’ The Trib’s Eric Zorn sounds an alarm about cultural purges: “Consigning Columbus and Andrew Jackson to the hall of infamy, as I would do, doesn’t logically require me to demand an end to tributes for George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and so many others whose overall legacy is positive.”
 The Conversation: Slaveholding Vice President John Calhoun’s bigotry is embedded in American society.
 One of Chicago’s biggest high schools is moving to abandon its racist mascot.
Naperville-raised Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Redd and Chicago comedian Lisa Beasley’s GoFundMe to help protesters who may have contracted COVID-19 has raised more than $360,000.

Chuck toast. Add the Chuck E. Cheese pizza chain to the list of coronavirus casualties: It’s filing for bankruptcy.
McDonald’s is under court order to step up COVID-19 protections for Chicago workers.
Microsoft is shuttering all its physical stores.
Macy’s is cutting almost 4,000 corporate jobs.

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