‘We need every one’ / Last witness living / ‘A trail of steaming BS’

‘We need every one.’ Columnist Neil Steinberg sees settling the city’s influx of immigrants—“Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s … middle finger to tolerance and decency”—as “a smart investment in Chicago’s future.”
Popular Information tackles the question, “If the U.S. economy is doing well, why do so many Americans say it’s terrible?
Workers at Michigan Avenue’s Chicago Reserve Roastery—the biggest Starbucks in the world—have rejected a unionization bid.

‘John Kezdy was a hero of mine.’ Acclaimed Chicago record producer Steve Albini is among those mourning the death of The Effigies’ frontman—more recently, a lawyer …
 … who died Saturday after a bike crash with an Amazon van in a Glencoe bike lane …
 … adding irony to one of the band’s early songs …
 … like many in its catalog, inspired by Chicago news (1990 link) …
 … in this case, a disastrous plane crash at O’Hare.

Last witness living. On the 68th anniversary of 14-year-old Chicagoan Emmett Till’s Mississippi lynching, the Sun-Times profiles his cousin—now a suburban minister …
The racist past of Jacksonville, Florida, is alive and well after the killing of three Black people Saturday by a young white shooter whose words and gun left no doubt he was targeting victims by race.
Florida Gov. and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, who called the gunman a “major league scumbag,” was booed at a vigil honoring the dead.
President Biden: “White supremacy has no place in America.”

‘It’s a scary state of affairs when I’ll allow you birth control and won’t kill you is something a candidate says to show they’re the reasonable one.’ Abortion, Every Day columnist Jessica Valenti: “No, Nikki Haley isn’t reasonable on abortion.”
But, Semafor says, Haley’s position seems to be gaining strength among Republicans.
A Tribune editorial nods to Republican-dominated states for sending thoughtful talent—including Idaho’s reigning “Teacher of the Year”—to Illinois.

‘A trail of steaming BS.’ The Bulwark’s Charlie Sykes surveys Republican presidential contender Vivek Ramaswamy’s Sunday morning talk show rounds.
PolitiFact bestows its “Pants on Fire” rating on Ramaswamy’s assertion that “more people are dying of bad climate change policies than they are of actual climate change.”
A Sun-Times editorial: “Illinois and Chicago should kick up their efforts to protect and improve the state’s environment.”
Climate journalist Bill McKibben looks to New York’s Sept. 17 “March to End Fossil Fuels” for indications of whether this summer’s “impossible heat will carry political consequences.”
When wildfire smoke next menaces Chicago, the Tribune reports, just being inside doesn’t mean you’re safe.

Schlappdown. A senior board member of the Conservative Political Action Conference has quit, urging an independent investigation into sexual misconduct complaints against the organization’s chair, Matt Schlapp.
Public Notice notes the faces of two of the reactionary University of Chicago-cofounded Federalist Society’s members among those indicted in Georgia along with Donald Trump.

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