Illinois’ hottest races / All Ye faithful / ‘Sexy gubernatorial candidate’

Illinois’ hottest races. Axios Chicago offers a big-picture view of next month’s election.
Fresh Tribune endorsements for the Illinois Senate: Four Democrats and a Republican challenging a Democrat whose resignation Gov. Pritzker’s demanded.
Hey Chicago (the new name for City Cast’s newsletter and coincidentally the name of a Facebook news app roughed out by your Chicago Public Square columnist for the Trib back in the aughts, when Facebook news apps were going to be a thing) explains the Workers’ Right Amendment atop state ballots.
Politico Illinois Playbook: More women than men are voting early.
Ready to do it? The Square voter guide awaits.

‘Dress rehearsal for Trump 2024.’ Rolling Stone reports Donald Trump is planning to challenge next month’s election results—beginning in Philadelphia.
Trump’s business goes on trial today in Manhattan—and could be banned from doing business with the federal government. (AI-generated image by Dall-E 2, processing the phrase “ballot box to a black hole.”)
Columnist Robert Reich wishes he didn’t have to write about Trump anymore, but “none of us dare turn our eyes away in revulsion.”
Semafor: Because Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch’s top lawyer spent nearly four years without a license to practice law in California, his potentially sensitive or embarrassing communications may not be protected under attorney-client privilege.

All Ye faithful. Los Angeles’ mayor and district attorney are among those condemning demonstrators who unfurled banners over a freeway in support of antisemitic comments made by Kanye West—also now known as Ye.
West’s getting the blame for a rising tide of antisemitic incidents across L.A.
Leaders of three top Hollywood talent agencies are calling on the entertainment biz to cut ties with him.
Adidas is under growing pressure to follow JP Morgan Chase, among others, in doing the same.
Reminder: West is a Chicago-area export (2021 link).

‘The right-wing fantasy of what happens when you put ideologues in charge.’ Popular Information looks at the purge of tenured professors at a Kansas university after a statewide policy change—and an infusion of cash from Charles Koch, a longtime critic of tenure and liberal education.
A new national report card reflects the pandemic’s impact on American kids: The largest-ever decline in fourth- and eighth-grade math scores.
Poynter’s Al Tompkins: The head of the CDC has COVID-19—a reminder the pandemic’s not over and another wave could be ahead, soon.

‘Guilty to all 24 charges.’ A 16-year-old Michigan kid has pleaded guilty to terrorism and first-degree murder in a school shooting that left four students dead last year.
A shootout Sunday at a “drifting” event, where drivers had taken over a Southwest Side Chicago intersection, left at least three dead and two wounded.
Chicago’s Maxwell Street Klezmer Band, whose performance was cut short in the massacre at Highland Park’s July 4 parade, returned for a performance Sunday at the city’s public library.

‘It was a brutal attack.’ The agent for author Salman Rushdie, who was stabbed last month as he prepared to deliver a lecture in New York, says Rushdie’s lost sight in one eye and the use of one hand …
 … but he declined to say whether Rushdie is still in a hospital.

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‘Big honking deals in their own eyes, laughingstock losers in everybody else’s.’ Columnist Neil Steinberg sees late-night TV host James Corden’s public relations crisis as symptomatic of many celebrities’ mindset.

‘Sexy gubernatorial candidate.’ That’s one Axios Chicago suggestion for locally themed Halloween costumes.
The early line on Halloween weather: Mostly cloudy, high around 60, low around 50.

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