‘That’s how we all lose’ / See Ye later / Apple giveth, Apple taketh

‘That’s how we all lose.’Author and Deadspin founder Will Leitch compares opposing Donald Trump to playing tennis against a wall: “The wall is always just going to hit the ball back to you. Eventually you can’t help but not swing as hard.”
Popular Information: “The midterm elections will not just determine who is in charge of state governments and Congress for the next few years. Democracy itself is also on the ballot.”
Author and filmmaker Michael Moore envisions an obituary for democracy if MAGA groups have their way on Election Day.
Esquire’s Charlie Pierce: “The GOP assault on the vote is about to come to a boil.”
Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown sees “a real possibility the Nov. 8 election could result in a state Supreme Court with a 4-3 Republican majority.”
Columnist Eric Zorn considers Trump’s idea for identifying the leaker of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wadeghastly.”
Audio from journalist Bob Woodward’s 2020 conversations with Trump left Stephen Colbert speechless for 10 seconds.

‘Voter intimidation won’t be tolerated.’ Ohio’s attorney general has won conviction of two reactionary political fraudsters responsible for thousands of false robocalls to predominantly Black neighborhoods in Illinois, Ohio and other states before the 2020 election, threatening voters with repercussions if they voted by mail.
Ready to vote early—in person? More than 100 locations are now open in Chicago and Cook County.
Don’t leave home without checking the Chicago Public Square voter guide.

See Ye later. Calling his recent antisemitic statements “unacceptable, hateful and dangerous,” German sportswear company Adidas has cut ties with the guy formerly known as Kanye West.
It estimates the decision could cost it $246 million.
As of Chicago Public Square’s deadline, someone hadn’t told the Adidas website.
It’s among the latest developments in a snowballing boycott of “Ye.”
A Sun-Times editorial: With hate crimes on the rise, Chicago “can’t let up either when it comes to fighting ignorance and bigotry.”

‘We need to step up our game.’ Chicago City Council members are condemning the police response to the problem of “drifting”—one incidence of which left three people shot and killed Sunday on the Southwest Side.
CWBChicago surveys sentencing data from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office to learn how much prison time people get for carjacking.
Block Club Chicago: A spree of at least 12 armed robberies in Humboldt Park, Logan Square, Wicker Park and Ukrainian Village may have been the work of one crew.

‘An unprecedented move.’ WBEZ’s Sarah Karp reports the Chicago Board of Education could vote tomorrow to take over a once-celebrated and now scandal-scarred all-boys charter school, Urban Prep.
Education advocate and former chair of the National Council of Churches Committee on Public Education Jan Resseger: “The school marketplace wrecks universal public schooling.”

‘No surprise.’ Media writer Tom Jones says the fiasco that was Sen. Ted Cruz’s appearance on The View was predictable.
Some of the protesters demanded he address climate change.
Chicago today could see two inches of rain—and flooding—much of it during the afternoon commute.
Mayor Lightfoot’s under fire for slow movement against lead poisoning in Chicago’s water system.

Why stuff will be harder to get. Poynter’s Al Tompkins: “The Mississippi River … is so low on water due to drought that 2,000 barges are stalled and going nowhere.”
Protocol takes a critical look at your privacy when you present a credit card to a retailer who uses a point-of-sale system unrelated to Chicago Public Square:Square sells access to your inbox. No one seems to know if the law cares.”

‘Working’ from home. Northwestern University research points to a “pandemic baby boom” and partly credits the trend toward remote employment.
CBS News: Now that COVID-19 tests aren’t free from the government, which ones are the best to buy?
Scientific American flags potentially dangerous COVID studies.

 … but it’s raising the price of its services, including Apple Music and Apple TV+.
All seasons of Doctor Who are headed to Disney+.

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‘I made a rude comment and it was wrong.’ Late Late Show host James Corden has apologized for his behavior at a New York restaurant.
Corden’s behavior prompted a Neil Steinberg column that was the most-tapped item in yesterday’s Chicago Public Square,

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Square mailbag. Reader Patrick Olsen wrote of yesterday’s Kanye West coverage: “Using tarred as a verb when speaking of a person of color seems wrong to me.”
Fair point. Changed to “the blame.”
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