Carjackers, beware / Chicago’s ‘Friday problem’ / News quiz!

Carjackers, beware. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart’s anti-carjacking initiative: Stickers …
 … plus forms motorists can use to grant cops permission to track newer cars via manufacturers’ data location tech.
Wary of letting law enforcement track your vehicle? You could just print out the sticker.
A Chicago City Council member said last night that a Lincoln Park rooftop bar where a man was shot and killed Sunday would “remain closed for the time being,” but CWBChicago says it was open shortly after that email went out.

Choose your adventure. Which way will Congress go in 2023?
FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver: “The Senate is a toss-up.”
The Guardian: Emboldened by polls suggesting they could take a majority in the U.S. House, Republicans are mapping plans to undo key Biden administration policies.
Michael Moore—the guy who predicted Donald Trump’s 2016 victory when almost no one in mainstream media did—updates his “daily series to counter the reporting that the Republicans are going to win the House and Senate. They are not.”
The Conversation: The balance of power in the U.S. Senate may rest on the race in Georgia, whose 2021 election law overhaul, critics say, was targeted not at fraud but at suppressing Black turnout.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cheering on Illinois Democrats yesterday in Chicago: Republicans have “endless money and a total disregard for the truth.”
Ready to get serious about your ballot? Consult the Chicago Public Square voter guide.

‘The Republican Party has no program to address inflation. It does have a program to handcuff Black folks who make an honest voting mistake.’ Columnist Will Bunch: Video of Florida police handcuffing Black voters shows the true stakes of this election.
A Florida man is the first of 20 people Gov. Ron DeSantis’ government in August accused of voter fraud to beat the charges.
Updating coverage: Trump ally Steve Bannon faced sentencing today [Update, 10:32 a.m.: Four months] for defying a U.S. House subpoena to testify about the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection.

‘Satan’s way of taking control of the world.’ Increasingly unhinged former award-winning 60 Minutes reporter and, later, Fox News blowhard Lara Logan has been banned by right-wing channel Newsmax after what CNN describes as “a QAnon-style rant” this week.
Columnist Neil Steinberg: “If only Republicans cared half as much about embracing rank stupidity as they do about being called stupid.”

‘If we’re going to follow the military’s lead to protect our children, it seems the least we could do is issue them tiny tanks.’ USA Today columnist Rex Huppke mocks Texas schools’ distribution of “safety kits” for parents to collect kids’ DNA in case of an “emergency.”
Esquire’s Charlie Pierce: “Texas is telling the parents … it won’t do anything to stop the insane proliferation of firearms, but if one of them tears your third-grader to pieces, we’ll make sure you bury the pieces of the correct body.”

Milk of human unkindness. Settlement of a class action lawsuit against Coca-Cola’s fairlife brand of dairy foods—accused of being falsely labeled and marketed as “humane”—offers consumers estimated payouts of from $20 to $80.
Here’s the online claim form.
Chicago Public Square in June 2019: “Jewel-Osco is among grocery stores removing fairlife dairy products from their shelves after release of video showing mistreatment of animals at the Indiana farm of Fairlife’s parent company.”

‘Most of the Americans who will pay for news are rich.’ A new study concludes that only about a quarter of Americans have ever paid for news directly—and those who have are more likely to make more than $150,000 a year.
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Chicago’s ‘Friday problem.’ A Tribune editorial offers suggestions for dealing with the day “when hardly anyone comes to the office.”
Horticulturists are declaring this the Chicago area’s best season in years for fall colors—but advise you to peep quick.
Tonight at 11:59 brings the deadline for applying to the Cook County guaranteed income pilot program, giving 3,250 eligible residents $500 monthly for two years—no strings attached.
Need to feed a record player? Check out the CHIRP (Chicago Independent Radio Project) Record Fair Saturday.
Ready to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown? You’ll need Apple TV+, which will make it free—no subscription required—Oct. 28-31.

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