‘Disgusting’ / ‘Truly awful journalism’ / Another 799 or so to go

‘Disgusting and a violation of human rights.’ A Texas county sheriff has launched a criminal investigation into how migrants were shipped to Martha’s Vineyard.
He announced it in a Facebook Live session.
The Conversation: Govs. Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott are pulling from segregationists’ playbook.

‘Who’s buying the 2022 midterms?’ The Lever’s list of the nation’s biggest political donors leads with local reactionary types: The Uihleins of Lake Forest and Ken Griffin, recently of Chicago.
The Intercept: If Republicans take control of the U.S. House in November, they plan to investigate … the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
A self-described “born-again … small-business-owning dad” writes in Salon: “I voted for Trump—twice. … I was dead wrong about all of it.”
Columnist Robert Reich: “What to do about candidates who won’t commit to election results? Disqualify them from running.”
Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin: Nazi analogies are increasingly relevant.

‘Truly awful journalism.’ News watchdog Mark Jacob slams Fox 32 Chicago for a story about a poll sponsored by Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey.

‘Some of the most heartless rules I’ve seen bubble up from the right-wing-cruelty cauldron.’ USA Today columnist Rex Huppke calls Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s guidelines for treatment of transgender students “masterful hypocrisy.”
Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago is boosting security following Twitter criticism of its services for gender-nonconforming children.

‘If you reported a burglary in progress, a person with a gun … or anything else that did not involve someone being physically injured, you now understand why cops never show[ed] up.’ CWBChicago reports that, overwhelmed by Mexican Independence Day crowds, a high-ranking Chicago officer just ordered the “coding out” of aging 911 calls that didn’t involve physical injury.
Chicago’s police superintendent: “We had to make some different decisions.”
A civilian employee of the department yesterday was found dead of what police said seemed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a South Side forest preserve.

Meet the new boss (maybe). Mayor Lightfoot’s nominated a longtime supporter to replace Ald. Michelle Smith in the City Council seat representing most of Lincoln Park.
A City Council committee’s OK’d a $15 million payout to the estate of a woman killed in a crash with a police squad car chasing another vehicle.

Another 799 or so to go. In the first of almost 800 lawsuits to go to trial against the medical tool sterilization company Sterigenics, a woman who says its toxic emissions in Willowbrook gave her cancer has won a $363 million verdict.
Its parent company’s stock plummeted yesterday.

‘He couldn’t believe it’s real.’ Adnan Syed, subject of the groundbreaking podcast Serial, is a free man for the first time in 23 years because a Baltimore judge ordered his release after overturning his conviction in a 1999 murder.
The news prompted a new episode of the podcast for the first time in eight years …
 … from its originator, University of Chicago-educated This American Life alumna Sarah Koenig.

It’s a gas. Illinois and other Midwestern states are teaming up to make the region a hub for research and production of hydrogen fuel—a cleaner alternative to petroleum.
Axios Chicago: A new organization, DePave Chicago, aims to replace stretches of asphalt with green spaces to soak up surface water and keep the city cooler.
Fifty years of space probing has left Mars littered with 15,694 pounds of human trash.

‘Pat Sajak, would you like to buy a clue?’ Columnist Eric Zorn spotlights the Chicago-born Wheel of Fortune host’s latest display of right-wing trolling.
Chicago native Chris Redd is departing Saturday Night Live.
Joining SNL: Former Chicago standup Molly Kearney, the show’s first nonbinary cast member.

Vowel movement. Thanks to reader John Robinson for catching the errant spellings above of Redd and alumna.
Pam Spiegel also made this edition better.

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