‘Explosive new allegations’ / Attempted murder of a 3-year-old / iPhone tricks

‘Explosive new allegations.’ Popular Information: A class action lawsuit that migrants have filed against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over his transport of them to Martha’s Vineyard details “the lengths that DeSantis … went to [to] manipulate and deceive.”
Author and filmmaker Michael Moore’s “Love letter to Govs. Abbott and DeSantis: You, sirs, are the gift that keeps on giving.”

Fresh slime. NewsGuard spotlights a new shadowy network of “pink slime” news sites “quietly pushing Democratic propaganda” across the country.
Facing a “critical shortage” of election judges for the fall—Cook County has 4,000 lined up but needs 7,000—the county clerk is appealing for more volunteers …
 … especially, given a national rise in hostility toward election workers, military veterans.
Want to vote by mail—now and forever? The clerk’s office is offering “Permanent Vote by Mail.”

Obama’s ‘godbrother’? State Sen. Emil Jones III—the son and legislative successor to the former Senate president who described himself as Barack Obama’s “political godfather”—faces federal bribery charges in connection with an ever-festering red-light camera scandal.
Senate President Don Harmon says he expects Jones’ “resignation from his leadership post and committee chairmanship.”

Attempted murder of a 3-year-old. Police say the aunt of a boy rescued from Lake Michigan Monday—and still in critical condition—pushed him in off Navy Pier.
A source told the Sun-Times he wasn’t expected to survive.

‘Officers … did not have … justification to shoot the unarmed victim.’ Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx calls video released by Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability—showing cops in an unmarked car shooting two men—evidence of an unprovoked act of violence.
The office has posted to the web the full video and related evidence.
In what police say was apparently a road-rage incident, a gunman shot an off-duty Chicago cop in the face before leading other officers on a chase.

‘All of a sudden, I hear boom.’ A still-mysterious explosion at an Austin neighborhood apartment building left eight people hurt—at least three seriously.

‘Like a child’s first encounter with Harry Potter or an adolescent’s first taste of Tolkien.’ NPR’s Ron Elving raves over the latest tell-all book on the Trump administration—The Divider, by the husband-and-wife team of Peter Baker of The New York Times and Susan Glasser of CNN—suggesting that it’ll offer future scholars “wonderments indeed.”
The book puts a Fox News “straight news reporter” in a sticky place.
Veteran journalist Dan Rather, “about to enter my 92nd year,” explains why he’s taken “such a strong position in opposition to Donald Trump.”

‘What I can only describe as an entire course of COVID, compressed.’ Bloomberg’s newly boosted Kristen Brown: “I’m far from the only person who experienced a terrible reaction to shot No. 4.”
The chair of the University of California, San Francisco’s department of medicine: “When we think of the causes of death in our society … COVID’s on the list probably forever.”

‘When vegans have a cheat day, they really go hard.’ That’s Trevor Noah on last night’s Daily Show, commenting on the arrest of Beyond Meat’s chief operating officer, Doug Ramsey, accused of biting a man’s nose in a road rage incident parking garage confrontation.
The company’s suspended Ramsey.
The Food and Drug Administration warns: Don’t cook chicken in NyQuil.

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‘The Google effect.’ Block Club Chicago: Developers are salivating over the tech giant’s acquisition of the Thompson Center and a potential rise in demand for housing nearby.
Plus: Chicagohenge is back. (2014 photo by SHYCITYNikon.)

iPhone tricks. Advisorator Jared Newman’s tip of the week: Rewarding but well-hidden features in Apple’s new iOS 16 operating system …
 … but one of them could crimp battery life.

They had a bad feeling about this. The Park Ridge City Council has rejected a proposal for a statue honoring actor Harrison Ford—partly because of the unfortunate experiences he reportedly had as a student at Maine Township High School (now Maine East).
Yesterday’s Chicago Public Square misspelled the name of departing Saturday Night Live actor Chris Redd. Reader John Robinson was the first (of several!) to catch the mistake.
 Steve Ignots made this edition better.

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