‘A grim case study’ / It’s a gas / ‘Heartbeat of the Black community’

‘A grim case study.’ For The Atlantic’s new cover story, “The Men Who Are Killing America’s Newspapers,” McKay Coppins focuses on the plight of the Chicago Tribune.
Real estate reporter Dennis Rodkin previews what’s become of Tribune Tower as a residential building.
Chicago magazine’s Sarah Steimer: The transformation “would leave even the most hardened journalist in awe.”

‘Republicans will not be voting in ’22 or ’24.’ That’s Donald Trump’s threat if Republican officeholders “don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020.”
The Week’s Brigid Kennedy: “Whatever happens, thank God we have this in writing.” (Link corrected.)

‘Right-wing political operatives … dedicated to disrupting school boards.’ Popular Information says pandemic-era disruption of meetings in Illinois and across the country is being driven by people who don’t necessarily care about the schools.
Media writer Simon Owens: Popular Information demonstrates that investigative journalism can thrive via email.

Not so hard, not so fast. Contrary to earlier threats of a Friday deadline, Chicago Public Schools will let unvaccinated employees keep working—if they take a weekly COVID-19 test.
Mayor Lightfoot’s two-word response to the police union’s threat to sue over her vaccine mandate for cops: “Bring it.”
The AP updates advice on the best kind of mask to wear.
Ex-Labor Secretary turned columnist Robert Reich: “Why the hell are [four] Democrats keeping your drug prices high?

‘This baby that shot my baby is crying for help.’ The grandmother of a 14-year-old girl shot as she left a Chicago high school pleaded for the gunman to turn himself in.
In a case that set off what the Sun-Times calls “an extraordinary chain of events … that veteran court observers believe is unprecedented in recent history,” Chicago police have charged a man with the August shooting that killed a 7-year-old girl and wounded her sister.
Cops have charged a man with attempted murder in a Wicker Park shooting—but they say the guy who was killed started it.

Gender equality = Better business. Headed to the full Chicago City Council: A plan to allow small retailers to offer just one single-user, gender-neutral bathroom—freeing space for, for instance, more restaurant tables.
Incoming to clean up the aftermath of a sexual harassment scandal among lifeguards: A new interim Chicago Park District superintendent who happens to be a woman.

A Chicago Public Square public service announcement

Sen. Durbin will take your questions. Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin—chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee—will speak on “Justice for All” and take questions during this Sunday’s 11 a.m. Zoom service at Chicago’s Third Unitarian Church. Register free here to receive the link.
This advisory courtesy of Square supporter David Boulanger.

It’s a gas. Let Patch columnist Mark Konkol introduce you to the guy who’s invented a “fart pedal” for guitar players.*
Thinking about holiday shopping? Scratch that Thanksgiving visit to the mall. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)
Experts tell Reuters that President Biden’s goal of easing supply shortages and taming rising prices by Christmas is a long shot.
If you’re in the market for a Boeing Dreamliner, that also may take a bit.

‘The heartbeat of the Black community.’ U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush is among those mourning Chicago historian and civil rights champion Timuel Black’s death just short of his 103rd birthday.
City Cast Chicago: Why Black’s legacy is so important.

‘Fascinating and insightful.’ In a piece praised by media watchdog Robert Feder, veteran Trib and Sun-Times journalist Mark Jacob dives deep into the Chicago Reader’s history on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
A movie screening tonight at the Chicago International Film Festival was inspired by the continuing mystery of a pirate who hijacked WTTW-Ch. 11’s signal during a 1987 Doctor Who broadcast.

‘It looks like … a fun series.’ Midway Minute’s Kevin Kaduk looks beyond yesterday’s Chicago Sky loss in Game 2 of the WNBA finals.
Next game: Tomorrow night.

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* Perfect for a remix of this Mad classic.

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