People ‘dying every night’ / False, False, Mostly False, False, False / Chicago’s pain

People ‘dying every night.’ Workers at an overwhelmed hospital in central Wisconsin recount their losing battle against COVID-19.
Mayor Lightfoot is sounding the alarm about a second wave for Chicago.
Criticized Saturday by President Trump at a Wisconsin rally, Gov. Pritzker fired back: The president’s “modeling bad behavior,” making it nearly impossible for states to open up any more than they are now.”
Twitter’s deleted presidential health adviser Scott Atlas’ assertion that masks don’t help.
The Washington Post: White House coronavirus response coordinator Deborah Birx has told Vice President Pence’s office “she does not trust Atlas … and wants him removed from the task force.”

‘The year that white supremacy spreads its wings.’ The Guardian says the U.S. threat is growing, fueled by the “heady combination of a supportive president and fraternizing local police amid the turmoil of the pandemic and a fast-approaching volatile election.”
 Chicago transit activists are warning against a mass transit shutdown in the event of protests after the election.
 … but Axios reports “three senior Trump advisers who recently talked to campaign manager Bill Stepien walked away believing he thinks they will lose” …
 … and ABC News says the Trump campaign is “facing a once-unimaginable cash crunch.” (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)

‘To all women, suburban, urban, rural, feminists, pro-lifers, pro-choicers, all …’ Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington calls on them to say, “Mr. President, it’s time for you to go.”
New York: Polls for November’s election point to “the largest gender gap in partisan preference since women gained the franchise.”
Vox’s Ezra Klein: Contrary to common wisdom this year, “the most important election of my lifetime was 2000.”

False, False, Mostly False, False, False. PolitiFact takes a hatchet to Republican attacks on Joe Biden’s tax plan.
The Verge surveys the empty buildings and factories exemplifying the empty promises Trump and then-Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker hailed in 2018 as “the eighth wonder of the world.”
The Post: Trump and House Speaker Pelosi haven’t spoken in a year.
The Wall Street Journal (behind a hard paywall): “Partisan Sites Posing as Local News Expand Ahead of Election.”

Early to vote? Here’s a list of locations and hours for balloting locations polling places now up and running in 11 Chicago-area counties.
The Conversation: Mail-in voting is safe and reliable.”
Don’t skip any part of the ballot. Check the Chicago Public Square voter guide.

Chicago’s pain. Facing a huge budget hole, Lightfoot is mapping plans to make the city’s ends meet by chopping more than 1,300 jobs.
A Tribune editorial praises Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle for her “rainy day” budget plans.

‘Not the way it happened.’ Columnist Rick Kogan has issues with the Netflix movie The Trial of the Chicago 7.
The Batman’s back in Chicago.

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