'Bodies laying everywhere' / 'Menacing reality' / Point of no return

‘Bodies laying everywhere.’ A witness describes the scene after a shootout that left at least 15 people wounded at a funeral last night on Chicago’s South Side.
The Sun-Times: The largest number of victims in a single Chicago shooting in recent memory.”
Police have been questioning a person of interest.
Someone shot a 3-year-old girl riding in her father’s SUV early today in South Shore.
Mayor Lightfoot is pleading for witnesses to step up.
Shootings on expressways so far this year have already passed Chicago’s historic yearly totals.
Tribune columnist John Kass bemoans “an overwhelming sense of lawlessness.”

‘We don’t see a Portland-style deployment.’ Lightfoot says, despite President Trump’s bluster, the federal agents he’s sending Chicago will apparently work with law enforcement agencies here …
 … but she says the city will head to court if it sees “unconstitutional arrest and detainment of our residents.” (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)

A Trib editorial: “The ground rules would have to be firm: No federal use of force against civilians. No unidentified agents.”
The Trib’s Dahleen Glanton: “This cheap political ploy has nothing to do with stopping the violence. It’s about revenge. Trump hates Chicago.”
Her colleague, Steve Chapman: “Cities should be able to work with a president. … Trump would rather be their enemy.”

Trump ♥ masks. But he’s late to the party …
 … and he now concedes the COVID-19 pandemic “will probably unfortunately get worse before it gets better.”
Trump’s “coronavirus briefing” summed up in 185 characters.
Here’s a longer account of the lies he told.
The Atlantic:Trump Is a Broken Man.”

‘Menacing reality.’ The Associated Press says science is coming to grips with COVID-19’s most frightening aspect: “If people who appear healthy can transmit the illness, it may be impossible to contain.”
The Conversation:Random testing in Indiana shows COVID-19 is 6 times deadlier than flu, and 2.8% of the state has been infected.”

Carry out, my wayward son. Chicago to Kansans considering a visit: Stay home or be quarantined …
 … and Wisconsin may be next.
The DuPage County Health Department shut a COVID-19 testing site Tuesday after reaching capacity in two hours.
The county reports kids and young adults account for a growing percentage of its total cases.

‘Colleges are getting ready to blame their students.’ Harvard Medical School and Washington University professors warn: “Relying on the self-control of young adults, rather than deploying the public-health infrastructure needed to control a disease that spreads easily among people who live, eat, study, and socialize together, is not a safe reopening strategy.”
Northwestern University’s food service has laid off hundreds of workers in the pandemic.

‘The names are like a roll call of the dead.’ Trib columnist Mary Schmich mourns restaurants and other businesses lost to COVID-19 …
 … who, by one count, number at least 2,400 in the Chicago area.
Walmart says it won’t open Thanksgiving Day.

‘Silence is corruption.’ That’s the rallying cry of Illinois’ Republican lawmakers demanding the Democratic leadership call a special legislative session to address ethics in the wake of the ComEd scandal threatening to engulf Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan.
WBEZ: Things to know about the ComEd story.

Buh-bye? Updating coverage: The U.S. House was set to vote today on a proposal to dump a bust of the Supreme Court chief justice who declared Blacks couldn’t be citizens[Update, 9:29 p.m. p.m.: Done.]
The Chicago Park District has called an emergency meeting today to consider renaming a park honoring slavery defender Stephen A. Douglas. [Update, 1:16 p.m.: Yep.]

Point of no return. A new report concludes the current rate of human-caused carbon pollution has put Earth on a path in which global warming is, as The Washington Post puts it, “extremely unlikely to be on the low end of estimates.”
The Sierra Club: Sorry about our racist founder.

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