Star witness? / Impeachment dividend / Half-price rides

Star witness? President Trump says he’ll “strongly consider” submitting evidence to the House impeachment inquiry.
That followed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s invitation for the president to testify and her suggestion that he consider Richard Nixon’s way out: Resignation.

Trump’s surprise visit to the hospital Saturday has ratcheted up speculation he could be setting the stage for resignation due to health reasons. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)

Familiar note. The president has been intimidating another impeachment hearing witness.
Esquire’s Charlie Pierce calls the applause that followed Friday’s witness, Marie Yovanovitch, out of the hearing room “a spontaneous … declaration that the country is tired of being used to feed the limitless ego and boundless psychoses of the vulgar talking yam who lucked into the most powerful job in the world.”

Impeachment dividend. The Democratic challenger to Republican Intelligence Committee member Elise Stefanik raised $1 million over the weekend, partly with the support of celebrity backers like George Takei.
Post columnist Monica Hesse on charges of sexism at Friday’s hearings: “Every bone in my body says Stefanik was just being asked to follow the rules.”
Axios: A Republican candidate’s loss in the Louisiana governor’s race spotlights Trump’s “fading superpower.”

‘I see corruption and blatant dishonesty.’ A Denver radio host says he was yanked off the air midshow after criticizing Trump—on a station owned by the company that also owns Chicago’s WIND-AM.
Trump Sunday tweeted out an endorsement for a book by the racist patriarch of the family that owns the Cubs.

Medicare bared. Vox dissects Elizabeth Warren’s revised approach to Medicare-for-all.
New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow sees candidate and ex-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s apology for his racist police “stop-and-frisk” policies as just another example of “politicians who do harm through policy to black communities, then come forward with admissions and contrition when they need black people’s votes.”
Some on the Democratic Party’s left see Bloomberg and his fellow 11th-hour candidate Deval Patrick as “two super-rich guys who are scared to death that a progressive’s going to win.”

And the title of ‘Deporter in Chief’ still rests with … Although Trump administration immigration jails are packed, The Washington Post says the government is deporting fewer people than it did under President Obama.
What questions would you ask the guy who wrote the book on Obama? Email

Half-price rides? Chicago’s Active Transportation Alliance proposes the CTA, Metra and Pace cut fares in half for the poor.
Want your Chicago city sticker ticket debt erased? Here’s how.
Bicycling activists say Chicago’s flubbing its commitment to make streets safer for bikers.
A biker died early Sunday after being hit by a car.
Chicago marks today’s World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.

‘He arrives late, leaves immediately and seldom, if ever, speaks.’ The Sun-Times’ Fran Spielman details the many ways in which the formerly overbearing and now indicted Chicago Ald. Ed Burke is just “a shadow of his former self” at City Council meetings.
A Tribune investigation: The feds are investigating a legal loophole that has let red-light camera companies secretly hire Illinois public officials as sales agents without disclosing it.

Record reprieve. Celebrated suburban record store Val’s Halla won’t close after all.
Despite streaming, an Indiana company reports its vinyl manufacturing biz is thriving.

Pollution plight. The Better Government Association warns that the EPA’s Chicago regional staff levels have plummeted—and clean air and water inspections are down 60 percent since the president took office.
Heavier Midwestern rains are sweeping more pollution into the Great Lakes—spawning “dead zones” with so little oxygen fish can’t survive.
A new report finds more than 2 million Americans living without clean water.

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