Republican unity cracks / Suburbs besieged / Chicago's new Michelin restaurants

Republican unity cracks. Bloomberg’s Jonathan Bernstein says yesterday’s House hearings on a whistleblower’s memo provided “a good chance to see what GOP lawmakers are thinking,” and he concludes, “They’re all over the place. And that’s bad news for the White House.”

Fox News quotes ex-Republican Sen. Jeff Flake: “At least 35” Republican senators would privately vote to impeach Trump. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor, who’s out with his third collection of Trump-inspired cartoons and who deserves your vote for Best Comics Illustrator in the Chicago Reader’s Best of Chicago poll.)
Trump’s crude threat to a whistleblower—something that may also be an impeachable offense—has drawn a rebuke from Congress.
Impeachment doesn’t require a crime.
At Fox News, an insider reports disarray over the impeachment story: “It’s management bedlam.”
Margaret Sullivan in The Washington Post: “Trump, the TV president, finally meets a media story he can’t control.”
HuffPost editor Samantha Storey: The whistleblower’s complaint “should be held up as an example of how to write well.”
No time to read the complaint? Listen to it in a free Penguin Random House audiobook.
The Tribune’s Mary Schmich channels Trump in a new poem: “Impeach your greatest president? Ridiculous! Not fair! / To quote that Swedish Greta girl: I don’t know how they dare!
This 1973 song, recorded by high school students from Trump’s home borough, is having a moment.

Teachers strike answers. Now that the Chicago Teachers Union has overwhelmingly authorized a walkout, the Tribune answers questions about what happens next.
A strike could begin as soon as Oct. 7.

Suburbs besieged. Federal agents visited three suburban village halls yesterday for what the FBI calls “authorized law enforcement” and “investigative” activity.
The mayor of one of those villages is also a Cook County commissioner …
 … and they’re all represented by a state senator whose offices were raided earlier this week.
A state senator is giving up her seat to become Illinois’ first cannabis czar.

CTA blues. Blue Line service to O’Hare will be out for nine days beginning today.
A Chicago alderman is calling for a massive rebuilding of Chicago’s lakefront—including Lake Shore Drive—in the face of a rising Lake Michigan.
The Better Government Association: Chicago-area flooding hits poorest communities hardest.

‘Nonsense.’ Mayor Lightfoot dismissed a complaint from Chicago’s new Immigration and Customs Enforcement director about local police’s failure to help his agency. She told protesters outside his news conference: “That’s the point.”
A Chicago alderman says immigration agents “tricked” Chicago cops into providing cover for two raids.
Steve Rhodes asks in The Beachwood Reporter: What exactly did Lightfoot find improper” about a program to jump-start investments in struggling neighborhoods?
Lightfoot’s launching a relief program for Chicagoans swamped by city sticker fees and fines.
The Healthy Kids Running Series is a Chicago Public Square advertiser.

Chicago’s new Michelin restaurants. Five places in the city have joined the roster of Michelin stars …
 … bringing the city’s Michelin total to 25.
McDonald’s is testing a veggie burger—in Canada.

No Joker matter. Mindful of a deadly Colorado shooting spree that broke out during the showing of a Batman movie in 2012, movie theaters in Chicago and around the country are tightening security—and banning the wearing of costumes—for some showings of the new Joker movie.
A new Netflix show from American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy stars Chicago trans actor Theo Germaine.

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