Mayoral forecast / 'We are not monsters' / Unrelated developments

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And now the news:

Mayoral forecast. Politico’s Shia Kapos handicaps how the race could go Feb. 26.
The scandal in candidate Bill Daley’s (distant) past.
Candidate Lori Lightfoot’s first TV commercial ties four of her rivals to scandalized scandal-scarred Ald. Ed Burke.
A fresh batch of Tribune aldermanic endorsements backs a challenger to convicted ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s sister-in-law.
Get ready: The Chicago Public Square voter guide is here.

‘I hate that Joe Ricketts, through his poisonous words, tied the Cubs to Islamophobia.’ But a Sun-Times editor who’s a Cubs fan and a Muslim hopes she “can eventually go back to watching a game at the ballpark without being reminded that I am hated.”
A Muslim pediatrician from Naperville: “Until the Cubs organization works collaboratively with my community to call out bigotry with concrete measures, I’m out.”
Sports columnist Rick Morrissey on son Tom Ricketts’ efforts to diminish his dad’s connection to the team: “When your dad basically bought the club for you, it’s like a dollar bill trying to distance itself from George Washington.”
Illinois Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, who’s Hindu, calls on the team “to engage in a constructive dialogue regarding the importance of religious freedom.”

Fare-haired child. A baby girl was born on a CTA bus stuck in rush-hour traffic yesterday.
Block Club Chicago: Chicago bike shops have been hit by what looks like a coordinated web of thievery.
Streetsblog: All the Bad Things About Uber and Lyft In One Simple List.”

Illinois’ minimum wage … would rise to $15 an hour under a plan advancing—but not all that quickly—in Springfield.
The Trump administration’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is moving to make life easier for America’s sleaziest payday lenders.

‘We are not monsters.’ On a new website,, families who’ve chosen the late-term abortions inaccurately condemned by President Trump in his State of the Union address have a chance to share their stories.
The Cut: “Trump’s repetition of ‘the mother’s womb,’ as if it is simply an address without an owner, is fundamentally dehumanizing.”

‘A giant clusterf__k.’ That’s how one longtime Democrat assesses a trio of scandals for the party’s top three elected officials in Virginia.
CNN: None of the three wants to quit first.
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren apologizes for calling herself a Native American on a 1986 Texas bar registration card.

Unrelated developments.
On Twitter, Trump flailed against congressional investigations of him, his family, his business and his political organization: “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT! It should never be allowed to happen again!”
Among hundreds of new emoji on the way to your keyboard under the latest Unicode Consortium update: One that may be useful for putting male egos in perspective.

Thanks … to reader Pam Spiegel for helping clarify the link to Rick Morrissey’s column above.

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