Chicago voter guide 2019

Early voting in Chicago’s 2019 election has begun. Here’s what you’ll need to vote smart:

Interactive surveys from the Tribune and WBEZ help identify which candidates you agree with most.
Endorsements by the Tribune and the Sun-Times.’s election overview, including how and where to register—and a list of events where you can see and meet the candidates.
The Trib’s profiles of the mayoral candidates and answers to its questionnaires from the candidates for mayor, alderman, and clerk and treasurer.
Mayoral candidates’ answers to questions from WBEZ, Crain’s and the Reader.
An overview of their ethics reform plans.
The Triibe reviews black aldermen’s voting histories and where their campaign dollars are coming from.
A customized ballot with all the decisions you’ll face.
Every item on your ballot, explained: BallotReady and Ballotpedia.
You can register to vote even as late as Election Day, Feb. 26.
What to do if you’re turned away at the polls.
Need time off from work to vote? You may have it coming.

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