'It pissed everybody off' / Plastic man / Google oops

‘It pissed everybody off.’ In a news conference this morning, Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said Empire actor Jussie Smollett dragged “Chicago’s reputation through the mud” by making false claims of a racist attack on himself …

… because, Johnson said, Smollett “was dissatisfied with his salary” …
… and, Johnson said, police have the check Smollett used to pay his “attackers.”
Updating coverage: After turning himself in early this morning, Smollett was due in court this afternoon to face charges of felony disorder conduct—a crime that carries a penalty of up to three years in prison.

‘Call 911—Lori Lightfoot is on fire.’ The Beachwood Reporter’s Steve Rhodes surveys the Chicago mayoral campaign.
John Kass in the Tribune:The best campaign for Chicago would be Lightfoot vs. Vallas.”
WBEZ: As candidate Toni Preckwinkle has condemned political nepotism, her son has been working for a company paid millions of taxpayer dollars by the county government she heads.
The election’s Tuesday. Time to check the Chicago Public Square voter guide.

Plastic man. Gov. Pritzker’s Illinois budget would make Illinois the first in the state country to tax plastic bags—a nickel, on top of Chicago’s 7-cent tax …
… and he’s counting on tax revenues from two sectors that aren’t even legal in the state now: Recreational marijuana and sports betting.
Pritzker’s address paid tribute to an Illinois governor who died in office.
Read his actual budget proposals here.
A Trib editorial: “It’s more can-kicking.”

‘The Chicago Cubs have become your Fox-News-addicted uncle.’ That’s one of Trib columnist Rex Huppke’s “5 things to be angry about.”
Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan: CNN’s hiring of a former Trump administration member as a political editor is “incomprehensible — and insulting.”
Updating coverage: A Coast Guard lieutenant arrested last week as a “domestic terrorist”—accused of composing a hit list of prominent Democrats and media figures, including MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and Joe Scarborough and CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Van Jones—was due in court today.
Happy 50th anniversary Sunday to the Supreme Court ruling that protected students’ free speech, concluding they don’t “shed their constitutional rights … at the schoolhouse gate.”

Google oops. The company concedes it made a mistake by not telling people its Nest Guard alarm system has a microphone
… which ZDNet says “is enough to make us increasingly paranoid about our smart home and voice assistant products.”
The Los Angeles Times:Facebook decided which users are interested in Nazis—and let advertisers target them directly.”
Is Amazon too big to boycott? Berkeley, California, may find out.

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