Cubs owner's regret / Facebook 'unsend' / Ice storm cometh

Cubs owner’s regret. Billionaire Joe Ricketts—patriarch of the family that owns the Chicago Cubs—is apologizing for “bigoted ideas” espoused in “some of the exchanges I had in my emails” …
… an apology that followed Splinter’s publication of “The Racist Conspiracy Emails Rotting Right-Wing Billionaire Joe Ricketts’ Brain.”
From last week: Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts expands Trump fundraising role.

Trump’s new tack. Updating coverage: The White House staff says the president will try an “optimism and unity” approach in his State of the Union address.
Among the president’s guests tonight: A boy who’s been bullied because his last name is Trump.

‘They’re sick of the mainstream media trying to decide the election for them.’ Chicago mayoral candidate Amara Enyia says WFLD-Ch. 32’s decision to air a two-hour forum Thursday evening with just five of the 14 candidates on the ballot is short-changing the voters.
Enyia is defending her profound personal financial screw-ups.
Steve Rhodes in The Beachwood Reporter: “Whenever a Republican candidate appears at a place like Liberty University, the media notes the noxious views of the church leaders therein. But … Chicago pols get a pass from their church visits—and believe me, some of those places are as bizarre and unyielding in their dogma [as] the worst Trump-loving evangelicals.”
The Sun-Times defied a federal magistrate judge to publish revelations about Ald. Danny Solis’ secret recordings.
The Tribune’s latest aldermanic endorsements include an executive architect for IBM to replace Solis.
Block Club Chicago: In City’s Hottest Neighborhoods, Aldermen Rake In Campaign Cash From Developers.”
Get ready: The Square voter guide is here.

Chicago teachers strike. Faculty at four of the city’s charter schools are off the job.
Another of the city’s charter school groups has abandoned its oppressive student dress code
… which arose under the auspices of the network’s scandalized scandal-scarred former CEO and founder (November link).
Disclaimer: Your Square publisher hates dress codes, and has for a long time.

Yay? For the first time in four years, O’Hare International Airport topped Atlanta’s Hartsfield with the most arrivals and departures
… which may help explain why O’Hare ranked low in September’s J.D. Power 2018 North America Airport Satisfaction Study.

Facebook ‘unsend.’ You now will have 10 minutes to retract notes sent in error via Messenger.
Obama administration regulator and occasional Facebook adviser Cass Sunstein hails New York University research on Facebook usage: “Deactivating Facebook led to a major decrease in political polarization.”

DNA giveth … A Chicago woman’s DNA tests have revealed 15 half-siblings she didn’t know she had
… and DNA tests taketh: FamilyTreeDNA has been sharing users’ genetic data with the FBI.
The Onion on Elizabeth Warren’s apology for her DNA test: “Owning up to and rectifying a mistake is just one reason she’s not fit to lead.”

Ice storm cometh. Expect slickness, power outages and tree damage overnight.
The Metra Electric line’s schedule will remain crippled through Friday.
A former American Meteorological Society president warns about the rise of wind-chill deniers.
Climate change will turn the world’s oceans greener and bluer.

Hearts not totally eclipsed. Reports of a dearth of candy conversation hearts this Valentine’s Day have been greatly exaggerated. Chicago-based Ferrara Candy Co. says it’ll have plenty of its variety around.
Tips for observing the day frugally.

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