Yes or no / C-c-c-cold / 'Worst f__king job'

Yes or no. The candidates for Chicago mayor—with the exception of one—answer 20 yes-or-no questions for WBEZ.
Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas at a forum on Chicago transit: “We can’t overregulate this [ride-hailing] industry out of existence.”
PolitiFact shoots down candidate Garry McCarthy’s claim Chicago saw “the lowest murder rates in a generation” during his time as police superintendent.

A fat financial aid package to a Catholic health system that turns away women seeking services for birth control and abortions is a bone of contention between two candidates.
Early voting begins tomorrow in Chicago. Not that this is an election you should rush to decide, but when you’re ready, here’s your Chicago Public Square voter guide.

C-c-c-cold. The record for Chicago’s coldest temperature could fall Tuesday or Wednesday
… and you can blame the polar vortex.
Most-clicked link (thrice as many as the runner-up) in Friday’s Chicago Public Square: Columnist Mary Schmich’s list of “8 things you must never, ever do when it’s really, really cold in Chicago.”

‘The worst f__king job I’ve ever had.’ That’s ex-White House chief of staff John Kelly, quoted in a “jaw-dropping” book to be released tomorrow—written by Cliff Sims, a Trump administration staffer The Atlantic calls an “improbable wallflower.”
Excerpt: Election night.
Sims will be on Stephen Colbert’s show tonight.
In raging at (believe it or not) Fox News staffers on Twitter, Trump sloppily tagged a California teenager.
Stephen King on Twitter: “How long before Trump supporters realize that you don’t surround yourself with dirty guys unless you’re dirty yourself?”
Even though the federal budget shutdown has been resolved for now, The Washington Post reports, the pain persists for “legions of federal contractors whose lost wages may never be reimbursed” and whose health insurance remains in limbo.
The Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet: Illinois Democrats are well positioned to exert their power in the new Congress.
Tribune columnist Heidi Stevens issues “a humble plea regarding the memes and posts and tweets implying Nancy Pelosi is carrying Donald Trump’s testicles around in her purse.”
The Daily Beast: Chuck and Nancy Have Only Just Begun Kicking Trump’s Behind.”

Cubs spun. A decade after the Rickettses bought 95 percent of the Chicago Cubs from the old Tribune Co., its broadcast successor, Tribune Media, has finally sold that last 5 percent.
A suburban Plainfield, Ind., high school is accused of keeping student journalists from covering a classmate’s arrest on charges of sexual assault.
Columbia Journalism Review reflects on a brutal week for American journalism.
Insight from journalism prof Jeff Jarvis: “If the press serves only those who … pay to get past its paywalls then it is serving only a tiny elite.”
Ex-NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw is eating crow.

Update, 1:17 p.m.: Thanks to attentive reader Michelle Paulsen for flagging the need for clarification in the Plainfield, Ind., item above.

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