One more raid / After Trump / Sent Packing

One more raid and they get a free footlong. For the second time in less than a month, federal agents raided the offices of Chicago Ald. Ed Burke, seeking … well, they’re still not saying.
Burke to WGN-TV: “What can I say? I’ve done nothing wrong.”
In a memo to the Sun-Times, Chicago’s former aviation commissioner lets Burke have it.
A new Democratic Illinois state representative who campaigned against Democratic Speaker Michael Madigan says she’s been threatened with “retaliation” if she doesn’t support him.

‘A violation of the children’s … most basic human rights.’ The Cook County public guardian’s office is suing the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, alleging it’s kept kids in psychiatric hospitals long after they were cleared for discharge.
At a forum on issues facing the disabled in Chicago, mayoral candidates shared the stories of friends’ and families’ challenges.
The mayoral field’s only openly gay candidate has won the endorsement of the only national organization dedicated to LGBTQ political empowerment.
The Tribune: 10 of Chicago’s 16 top mayoral candidates are refusing to release their full tax returns.
The Chicago Reporter lists the 238 candidates running in Chicago’s 2019 municipal elections.

‘Of course.’ Trump’s convicted ex-lawyer Michael Cohen tells ABC News President Trump knew making hush-money payments during the 2016 presidential campaign was wrong.
CNN’s Chris Cillizza lists the 29 most surreal lines from Trump’s latest Fox News interview.
The Lawfare blog revisits “the Steele Dossier,” the intelligence report BuzzFeed News leaked almost two years ago and finds now that—guess what?—the general thrust … seems credible.”
The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent: Democrats seeking Trump’s tax returns face a delicate challenge.
Illinois’ next governor, J.B. Pritzker, met with Trump yesterday at the White House.
Reading the political writing on the wall, outgoing Gov. Bruce Rauner tried to get someone to run in his place last month.

After Trump. The Sun-Times’ Neil Steinberg: “The day when Trump and his cohort are squeegeed into the storm drain … the really hard work will begin: Dealing with his duped followers.”
The Onion: CNN Opens Up 24-Hour Anonymous Tip Line For Anyone With Synonyms For Mueller Closing In.
A German art collective tricked Nazis into outing themselves.

‘We should be able to answer their phone calls.’ A veteran Chicago school teacher protests the school board’s ban on telephone contact between students and teachers.
Vitaminwater is offering someone $100,000 to go a year without using a smartphone or tablet.
A newly reported Facebook bug: Photos you uploaded but never shared may not have stayed private.
Wired: Dr. Elon & Mr. Musk: Life Inside Tesla’s Production Hell.

Sent Packing. A Green Bay Packers fan has—for now—lost a legal fight to wear Packers gear on the sidelines for the Bears game at Soldier Field Sunday …
… but he says he has a (surprise) Plan B.
Lake Michigan surfers have won the right to get involved in the government’s pollution lawsuit against U.S. Steel.

‘I’m just a very friendly internet pirate who’s trying to get two tickets to see a movie.’ Someone’s anonymously punking Marvel’s Avengers movie franchise—but Rob LaFrentz at Rivet* knows who it is.
Critic Chris Jones says a new Broadway adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird from Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing) is “thoroughly gripping.”

Media moves. Chicago’s WBEZ has named a new/old host for its Morning Shift show.**
MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski calls her homophobic insult of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “a terrible choice of words.”

Correction. Faithful and hyperattentive Square reader Mike Braden noted a redundancy (the word for) in yesterday’s Chicago Public Square.

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