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Expressway shooting death. Shots fired at a car on I-57 through the south suburbs last night resulted in at least one person dead and two injured—and, for the second time in a week, closed the expressway for hours.
At least six people were shot after a Chicago rapper’s South Side funeral yesterday afternoon.

Kanye cash. Joining fellow rapper Chance, Kanye West is pumping money into Chicago mayoral candidate Amara Enyia’s campaign.
Powerful Ald. Ed Burke is tossing in with the campaign of his former employee, Gery Chico: “There’s probably nobody more qualified.”

‘Refreshing compared to those brutal governor’s debates.’ Politico recaps last night’s debate in one of the nation’s most-watched congressional contests—the suburban race between U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam and his challenger, Sean Casten.
NBC News: “The 2018 midterms won’t end on Election Night. … Overtime could possibly determine the balance of power in the House and Senate.”
In Texas, the first day of early voting drew a huge turnout—including a Houston crowd that “looked more like a Black Friday shopping morning.”
Voting early in Illinois? Here’s your Chicago Public Square guide to doing that.

Trumpany’s coming. The president’s confirmed plans to visit Southern Illinois Saturday
… and you can sign up for tickets here.
At a Houston rally, The Atlantic reports, “Trump launched into … a furious tirade at Democrats, laced with falsehoods.”

Space to grow. The White House is ready to take the president’s plan for a Space Command to the next level.
The Hubble Space Telescope is feeling better now, thank you. (Cartoon: Keith Taylor.)

‘This savage murder.’ Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the Saudis plotted for days to kill journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
From John Oliver’s HBO archives: Reminders that Erdogan is no paragon of virtue.
A CNN reporter calls on Trump to end his attacks on reporters: “I’m afraid somebody is going to get hurt.”
The Onion: Trump Announces He’ll Pay Legal Fees Of Any Rally Attendee Who Beats Up Ted Cruz.”

‘It requires an unusual combination of paranoia and racism to view a few thousand poor people fleeing violence as justifying a panic.’ New York’s Ed Kilgore says Trump’s obsession with a “caravan” of Central Americans headed north echoes a racist 1975 novel that has become a favorite of the right.
The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan: “The caravan is coming! And it’s high time to calm the rising media frenzy.”
Fox News’ Howard Kurtz: “Trump is spraying the landscape with a deluge of issues … saturating the political debate in the process.”

‘His constituents … clearly don’t want the world streaming through their high-rent backyard.’ Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin condemns a Chicago alderman for “kowtowing to … NIMBY instincts” in blocking a project that would include public space along the waterfront.
One of The Old Town School of Folk Music’s longtime homes is up for sale.
Chicago’s ending an experiment with higher parking-meter rates near Wrigley Field during games and concerts.

Landlines’ end? AT&T is dialing down its traditional wired phone business in Illinois—raising prices by about $120 a year for some of its neediest subscribers.
Reviews of Apple’s newest iPhone, the XR: “The iPhone for most people.”

Candy corn’s lament. The Trib’s Rex Huppke relays a message from the seasonal treat: “If a starving human had to choose between us and a bowl of dirt, the dirt would be nutritionally preferable and far more pleasing.”
Contrary to Huppke’s description of candy corn as “a … substance that looked nothing like corn,” it does.
Researchers have, for the first time, found microplastics in human waste.

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