Bombs / 'Illinois is f_____' / Steve Dahl signoff

Bombs. Developing coverage: The Secret Service says it intercepted packages bearing possible “explosive devices” intended for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton—and it suspects they’re linked to the bomb intercepted Monday after delivery to liberal philanthropist George Soros.
Developing coverage: The Time Warner Center—home to CNN’s New York offices—was evacuated after delivery of a suspicious package.
Developing coverage: President Trump’s spokeswoman: “These terrorizing acts are despicable.”

Caravan conundrum. CNN’s Brian Stelter says Trump’s hysteria about a migrant movement through Central America presents journalists with a puzzle: “Do you ignore the issue and let Trump and his media allies peddle falsehoods, or do you spend time fact-checking the disinformation, potentially at the cost of … legitimizing it as a news story?”
The Daily Beast: Trump’s Own Team Knows His Caravan Claims Are Bulls__t.”
Wired: Don’t believe everything you read about the migrant caravan.”
The Washington Post: How did more than 5,000 migrants from across Central America find each other?
Vice President Pence needs help with his facts.
A 10-question Pew Research Center survey asks, “Can you tell factual from opinion statements?
… and suggests younger generations do better at that than those over 50.
The News Literacy Project’s “Easiest Quiz of All Time” suggests much of what you think you know is wrong.

‘Illinois is f_____.’ The Sun-Times’ Mark Brown says a bleeped obscenity in Gov. Bruce Rauner’s TV ad shows Rauner’s desperate.
A political science professor reviewing early voting nationwide tells The New York Times: “We could be looking at a turnout rate that virtually no one has ever experienced.”
Friends don’t let friends vote dumb. Share the Chicago Public Square voter guide.

‘Machine-style bullying.’ Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot says Cook County Board President and mayoral candidate Toni Preckwinkle is trying to squeeze her out of the race.
Video of her speech to the City Club.
A massive new apartment project is on the drawing board for what used to be a terminal on what’s now the Blue Line.

Police reform and you. A federal judge is inviting the public to his Chicago courthouse today and tomorrow to share opinions on plans to address police violence and other misbehavior. Here’s how.
The Chicago Reporter documents “a troubling pattern”: Chicago cops covering up bad behavior by accusing people they’ve assaulted of assaulting them.
Chicago police overtime expenses are up after a short-lived drop early this year.

The Halo Awards are THURSDAY at MATTER. Celebrate three of Chicago’s “Heroes of Medicine”: Dr. Eugene Chang of the University of Chicago, Dr. Andrea Domenighetti of the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab and Dr. Teresa Woodruff of Northwestern. Tickets include complimentary cocktails, craft beers, hors d’oeuvres and live performances.

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Steve Dahl signoff. An iconic Chicago broadcaster’s WLS-AM show comes to an end in December.
In an ongoing game of Whac-A-Mole, Twitter’s suspended 18 more accounts linked to political blowhard Alex Jones.
If your Yahoo account was hacked, you’re in for two years of free credit-monitoring services.

Megyn Kelly’s sorry. NBC’s Fox News import, Megyn Kelly, says she’s sorry for saying dressing in blackface is OK
A Fox News host says he didn’t realize he donated $600 to Trump when he bought “Make America Great Again” kitsch.
Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and several of his lieutenants are dropping cash on a Republican Senate candidate.

‘I’m suing the U.S. government for causing the climate change crisis.’ A 22-year-old woman is one of more than a dozen young people who’ve filed suit demanding the administration do all it can to “stabilize our climate system before it’s too late.”
Attendance at Kentucky’s taxpayer-funded creationist museum, Ark Encounter, is sinking.

Rainbow reprieve. For the first time in decades, Chicago’s beloved South Side ice cream emporium, Rainbow Cone, will stay open—with limited hours—through the winter.
Tribune theater critic Chris Jones hails the milestone opening of the South Side’s Green Line Performing Arts Center.
The Old Joliet Prison is hosting ghost-themed Halloween tours.

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