'Truth isn't truth' / Pearl Jam review / Selachimorphic weather

‘Truth isn’t truth.’ President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani asserted that on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday.

Twitter went nuts.
Giuliani’s walking it back—a bit.
Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington: Winning the House and impeaching Trump could lead to “a nightmare scenario for Democrats.”
Citing “mistakes of judgment,” lawyers for Chicagoan and ex-Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos say they’ll suggest a judge sentence Papadopoulos to no prison time.

‘They are trying to buy some time.’ A theology professor tells The Washington Post the pope’s message of “zero tolerance” for future Catholic Church abuses is “to some extent disappointing.”
Satire from The Onion: Vatican On Sex Abuse Report: ‘Listen, No Normal Person Is Going To Sign Up To Be A Priest.’”

‘I’m a big old fat guy, and food prices have dropped–it’s time to start eating again.’ That’s an analyst’s paraphrase of the Trump administration’s historic U.S. policy reversal declaring the conservation of oil is no longer an economic imperative.
The Tribune’s Mary Wisniewski says aldermen seeking to fight traffic congestion are pushing a cap on ride-sharing vehicles in Chicago.
A Sun-Times editorial: “Chicago is not a bicycle-friendly city, whatever City Hall might say.”

‘Protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention did not gain sympathy for the anti-war movement.’ And, the Sun-Times’ Neil Steinberg predicts, anti-violence demonstrators’ plans to shut down the expressway to O’Hare will “make it even easier for unaffected Chicagoans to shrug the crisis off.”
An interview with the author of The Year the Dream Died: Revisiting 1968 in America. (August 1968 photo: David Wilson.)

Pearl Jam review: ‘Failing … to find focus.’ The Trib’s Joshua Klein recaps Saturday night’s performance at Wrigley and looks ahead to tonight’s sequel.
Ex-Bull and Kim Jong Un pal Dennis Rodman crashed the show.
Video: The band covered David Bowie’s “Rebel, Rebel” at Wrigley Saturday night.
John Ruberry looks back at the 50th anniversary of an album by The Byrds, fronted by Chicago native Roger McGuinn.

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Selachimorphic weather. The Week’s Jeva Lange watched The Last Sharknado so you don’t have to.
From 2015: The series’ “hilarious origin story.”
From 2013: A special Sharknado news quiz.

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