Hacking alert / Sleeping cops / Climate change challenge

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Hacking alert. Updating coverage: Ahead of the midterm elections, Microsoft reports new Russian attempts to fake websites for the U.S. Senate and two conservative organizations that The New York Times says have broken with President Trump and are seeking continued sanctions against Moscow.
Microsoft is offering political campaigns new free security software—if they’re Office 365 customers.
Satire from The Onion: Trump Accuses Voters Of Meddling In Midterms.”

Facebook’s rating you. The Washington Post says Facebook has begun ranking the trustworthiness of its users.
The Times again: A Bunch of Men Got Tinder-Pranked in Union Square.”

‘The inconvenience felt by the airlines will be heard … by those who continue to perpetuate the segregation of people and resources in this city.’ The Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston responds to columnist Neil Steinberg’s skepticism about a Labor Day protest to shut down the Kennedy near O’Hare.
A lawsuit accuses Mayor Emanuel’s administration of violating Freedom of Information laws to cover up a racist email scandal at the Chicago Water Department.

Sleeping cops. Mayoral challenger Ja’Mal Green says a photo posted to Facebook showing two Chicago cops asleep in a squad car provides evidence the mayor’s decision to address Chicago’s plague of violence through officer overtime is a bad idea.
Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson blames the violence in part on “our judicial partners” who “don’t hold [shooters] accountable.”
A new law requires Illinois police departments to review incidents in which they shoot people.

‘Were you ever able to speak to your daughter Hadiya again?’ Prosecutors’ last witness before resting their case against one of two men accused of murdering 15-year-old honor student Hadiya Pendleton was her mother.
Two of the city’s latest victims: Boys, 16 and 17, whose bodies were found decomposing in a South Side field.

‘They deserve a free ride every day.’ A Chicago school teacher is outraged that—unlike kids in many suburbs—Chicago public school students have to pay for their own bus and train rides to class.
Lake Shore Drive delays begin today as a resurfacing project gets underway.

‘They will not be anywhere near a school.’ A spokesman for the Catholic Diocese of Joliet says two retired priests accused of sexual abuse and living in a church retirement community next to a Lisle junior high will be moved out.
The pope plans to meet with abuse victims in Ireland this weekend.

Climate change challenge. Trump is moving to undo Obama-era limits on greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants
… even though the EPA’s own numbers show the rollback will lead to more deaths …
… but states including California are planning to fight back.
For the first time on record, the Arctic’s strongest sea ice has broken up.
In Chicago 25 years ago today, Jurassic Park and Westworld creator Michael Crichton said he had “no hope” government could serve as a watchdog over advances in biotechnology.

The Trump administration’s epitaph. Post columnist Eugene Robinson says it’ll be those words from the president’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani: “Truth isn’t truth.”
Lil’ Donnie cartoonist Mike Norton promotes release of his book collecting the strip’s first year with an appearance and podcast recording at Challengers Comics in Chicago Wednesday evening.
Chicago poet Eve Ewing is joining Marvel to write a new Ironheart series.

Craftsman confusion. The sale of Sears’ iconic tool brand means two competing flavors of Craftsman products on the market.
Beginning next week, JPMorgan Chase will offer all its customers free online stock trading.

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