Trump's regrets / 'Something really wrong' / Dangerous waters

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Trump’s regrets. Hours after his former lawyer pleaded guilty to crimes including hush-money payments designed to sway the election, President Trump tweeted: “If anyone is looking for a good lawyer, I would strongly suggest that you don’t retain the services of Michael Cohen!”
And the internet laughed.

Conor Friedersdorf in The Atlantic: Cohen robbed voters of relevant information.”
The New York Times: Now that Cohen has implicated the president in a crime, what do prosecutors do next?
Cohen’s lawyer: “Under no circumstances would he accept a pardon from Mr. Trump.”
A 2015 Cohen tweet threatening Hillary Clinton with jail has disappeared. (Cartoon: Keith Taylor.)

8 was enough. Coming within minutes of one another, Cohen’s eight guilty pleas and his ex-campaign chair Paul Manafort’s conviction on eight fraud-related charges have pushed the president to the edge of … something.
Tribune editorial: “Trump’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.”
The Washington Post: … but it “could foretell more bad days to come.”
Ezra Klein in Vox: “It sure is a crazy coincidence that all these criminals ended up in key positions around Donald Trump.”
Ethics advocates writing in the Times: The Manfort Manafort conviction demonstrates special counsel Robert Mueller is leading one of history’s most successful special counsel investigations.
Democrats are mapping an emergency plan in case the president fires Mueller.
Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson compares Trump with Nixon: The cure for “the cancer in Trump’s presidency … may involve impeachment.”
Trump’s ex-strategist, Steve Bannon: “November is a referendum on impeachment.”
Stand proud, Chicago: The city played a role in Tuesday’s developments.

Meanwhile …
NBC News: Congressional Republicans have to decide whether “to investigate the allegation that the sitting president of the United States is implicated in a crime committed during the 2016 election.”
On Fox News and across other right-wing media, it was just another day.
RedState: “Mueller May Not Have Won Big … But Donald Trump Definitely Lost.”
The Onion: Hundreds Of People Exactly Like Manafort, Cohen Enjoy Another Day Without Any Consequences Whatsoever.”

‘There’s something really wrong.’ A Wilmette mom is gobsmacked after someone reported her for letting her 8-year-old girl walk the dog around the block alone.
The Chicago Board of Education could vote to forbid teachers from using personal social media accounts to communicate with kids.
Illinois is toughening penalties for texting while driving.
Facebook’s taken down hundreds of pages that CEO Mark Zuckerberg says “were misleading people about who they were and what they were doing.”

Dangerous waters. For the second day in a row, the National Weather Service recommends people beware Lake Michigan’s waves.
The four states with the nation’s highest rate of foreclosure starts are all along the East Coast.

‘Living in a place like Oak Park … doesn’t mean you’ve made it in America.’ Filmmaker Steve James talks to the Tribune about one theme of his debuting-this-weekend Starz documentary series set in Oak Park, America to Me.
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