'This guy … lied' / Fatal freezer toured / 'Satan's plan'

‘THIS GUY … LIED RIGHT TO MY FACE.’ ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel has slammed the cosponsor of the Graham-Cassidy health care overhaul plan, Sen. Bill Cassidy.

Vox asked nine Republicans to explain what’s in the bill. At least one of them weirdly invoked a “Thelma and Louise” scenario.
Republicans in the Senate need almost all their strength to pass the plan before Sept. 30. CNN runs down who’s on board and who isn’t.
One journalist’s take: “I’ve covered the GOP repeal plans since day one. Graham-Cassidy is the most radical.”

Analysis of President Trump’s UN address: “Bullying.” Also: “Trump is quite simply a bully.”
At a UN luncheon today, Melania Trump is set to denounce bullying.

SURE, NOW. Five Wheaton College football players charged this week in a case of hazing last year have been suspended from practice and games. But a lawyer for the victim says the school, which previously claimed to have taken “corrective actions,” until now administered “no meaningful discipline …against any of these boys.”
Tribune columnist Rex Huppke: “If I’m choosing whether to trust the extensive work of Wheaton police investigators or Wheaton College’s investigation into players on its popular football team, I know which side I favor.”

FATAL FREEZER TOURED. After a lawyer for the family of Kenneka Jenkins retraced her steps at the Rosemont hotel where she was found dead in a walk-in freezer, he said, “serious questions remain.”
The case is spotlighting mistrust of police.
Suburban police report a woman was found dead at a health club—two days after she entered.

WHERE HAVE ALL THE LAWMAKERS GONE? The Illinois General Assembly faces a mass exodus of lawmakers who’ve decided not to seek reelection—and a scramble for new candidates.
Lisa Madigan’s decision to quit the attorney general’s job is fueling a former Miss America’s Republican campaign for the job. But a daughter of a Chicago alderman says she’s not running.

SMALL SOLUTION FOR A BIG PROBLEM. A new program aims to create “tiny homes” for some of Chicago’s homeless.
But it’s not a solution for those displaced from under a Lake Shore Drive viaduct.

‘WE CAN HEAR SMALL NOISES, BUT WE DON’T KNOW IF THEY’RE COMING … FROM THE WALLS ABOVE (CRUMBLING), OR SOMEONE BELOW CALLING FOR HELP.’ Updating coverage of rescue efforts after yesterday’s earthquake in Mexico.
A small earthquake centered in Southern Illinois rattled parts of three states.
Hurricane Maria: Where is it headed next?

‘SHE’S A GIRL WHO THINKS SHE’S A BOY OR A BOY WHO THINKS SHE’S A GIRL. … IT JUST REALLY SHOWS YOU HOW SATAN’S PLAN IS WORKING.’ Those are the 2015 words of one of Trump’s nominees for a federal judgeship.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Cities that protect immigrants from deportation “undermine the moral authority of the law.”
USA Today finds fewer than 25 percent of congressional Republicans back funding for Trump’s border wall.
BuzzFeed: “Trump is using targeted Facebook ads to reassure supporters he will build the border wall.”
A Chicago suburb has changed course, clearing the way for a new mosque.

WHAT THE BAD GUYS DO WITH YOUR ID INFO. CNN looks at the black market for data like that stolen from Equifax.
Equifax reports another “security incident” and says it’s overwhelmed.
Kohl’s says it now will accept and package your Amazon returns for free.

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THINGS THEY LEFT BEHIND. The Trib’s Christopher Borrelli takes a peek at the lost-and-found troves from Chicago’s summer music festivals.
A lawyer for Chicago’s troubled Bottled Blonde bar has been jailed on drug charges. (Link corrected.)

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