Wheaton College questions / Who owns your face? / 'Brian, you phony little creep'

WHEATON COLLEGE QUESTIONS. A lawyer for a student injured during a football team hazing incident in which five players have been charged asks whether the school took the case seriously 18 months ago:

“Suspension from school? Kicked out of school? Suspended from the football team? Kicked off the football team? None of those things happened.” (Photo: Stevan Sheets.)
Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell on outrage over a young woman’s death in a Rosemont hotel freezer: “That same advocacy is desperately needed in Chicago, where hundreds of murders go unsolved every year.”
The son of the Chicago Housing Authority’s CEO faces murder charges in Indianapolis.

‘STEROIDS FOR STORMS.’ WGN-TV weather guru Tom Skilling says stormy summers like the one wrapping up are the result of oceans warming at a rate “equivalent to … setting off a Hiroshima-size atomic bomb every second since 1990.”
Yesterday’s high set a Sept. 20 record for Chicago.
Hurricane Maria may yet land a blow on the mainland U.S.
After Hurricane Irma, one expert warns, “Without long-term thinking, the Keys … will be wiped out regularly.”
A new Shedd Aquarium exhibit spotlights just how much plastic crap humans have dumped in the oceans.
Why Mexico City earthquakes are so bad: “It’s like being built on jelly.”

YOUR AMAZON IDEAS, PLEASE. Mayor Emanuel is inviting Chicago “nominations” for Amazon’s new second headquarters.
Here’s the page to submit your nomination. The deadline’s just six days away.
Oak Brook hopes Amazon takes over the “Hamburger University” campus McDonald’s is abandoning.
 Uber and Lyft’s impact on Chicago’s taxi biz: Cab rides this year are down by almost half.

WHO OWNS YOUR FACE? An Illinois lawsuit spotlights the struggle over rights to data that describe your image and other biometric characteristics.
Apple’s iPhone Face ID threatens your privacy in the courts.
The Securities and Exchange Commission says its corporate filing system was hacked last year and the stolen info may have helped thieves profit illegally.
The New York Times: Someone made a fake Equifax site. Then Equifax linked to it.”
Twitter has a date with the Senate Intelligence Committee next week.

‘I DON’T GET ANYTHING OUT OF THIS, BRIAN, YOU PHONY LITTLE CREEP.’ Jimmy Kimmel is escalating his war on the Graham-Cassidy health care overhaul—and a FOX & Friends host has been caught in the crossfire.
Commentary in National Review:Like any father, Kimmel takes his son’s well-being seriously. But …
CNN: “This map shows why passing Graham-Cassidy could be a huge political problem for Republicans.”
The Atlantic: “Physicians rarely agree on anything as strongly as they do that the Graham-Cassidy health-care bill is harmful.”
The New York Times: Graham-Cassidy “forces states to build health systems from scratch. That’s hard.”
New analysis projects hundreds of thousands of Illinoisans will see increases of up to 37 percent for insurance on the state’s Affordable Health Care exchange next year.

‘THE SOUL OF OUR CITY IS AT STAKE.’ Community organizers want stronger guarantees of jobs and other economic development from the Obama Center planned for Chicago’s South Side.
Musician and sometime politician “Rhymefest” Smith to the group: “Just because you’re a nonprofit doesn’t mean you escape the responsibilities to the community.”
 The Chicago home whose exterior provided the setting for the Family Matters TV show (remember Steve Urkel?) is set for demolition.

SO … THIS HAPPENED. Sales of Hillary Clinton’s book What Happened have reached a five-year high mark for nonfiction.
Discredited (“This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period”) White House press secretary Sean Spicer: “I don’t think” I lied to American people.
Media watchdog Jack Shafer: “The Electoral College is a national security threat.”

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