Wheaton College crime / Trump's total destruction threat / Toys Were Us

WHEATON COLLEGE CRIME. Five football players at a school that promotes its programs as “deeply rooted within a Christian worldview” face felony charges—accused in a hazing incident during which a teammate was restrained with duct tape, beaten and left half-naked on a ballfield with two torn shoulders.

One of the accused is the son of a Fox Sports broadcaster.
Wheaton College’s football program has a troubled history (from 2015).
University of Rochester students accuse a star prof of being a sexual predator.
A new study outlines college students’ hostility to free speech.

ATTORNEY GENERAL SCRAMBLE. The field of candidates to replace Lisa Madigan as Illinois’ top law enforcer now includes the daughter of a prominent alderman—but he’s not saying which daughter.
The nation’s Republican governors are getting into the news—that is, propaganda—business.

MISSION TO AMAZON. Mayor Emanuel and Gov. Rauner are sending a delegation to Seattle today—a scouting mission in the attempt to persuade Amazon to pick Chicago for its massive HQ2 project.
Curbed Chicago: New renderings portray a vision for one potential Amazon site, the Old Post Office.

A ‘LOW LINE’ FOR CHICAGO? Neighbors get a look tonight at plans to turn space under a stretch of the CTA’s Brown Line into a half-mile pedestrian walkway.
Curbed: A look back to when Chicago’s Yellow Line was the future of urban transportation.
The Sun-Times’ Mark Brown: As Chicagoans averted their eyes, Uptown’s homeless literally folded their tents to make way for a Lake Shore Drive construction project.

TRUMP’S TOTAL DESTRUCTION THREAT. Updating story: Addressing North Korea’s nuclear capability in his first address to the United Nations, President Trump said if the U.S. is “forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.”
The Tribune’s Rex Huppke answers readers who keep asking, “Why don’t you lay off Trump?
Mayor Emanuel says President Trump makes his job easier.

‘WE ARE CURSED.’ An island refugee from Maria asks, “When will all of the hurricanes stop?
This hurricane season really is worse than usual.
Chicago will host a “Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy North American Climate Summit” in December.
August was Earth’s third hottest on record.

OBAMA’S BURIAL PLANS. Despite a standing request that departing presidents detail their funeral arrangements for the Army, Barack Obama hasn’t submitted his. The Trib’s Will Lee explores the question of whether the Obama presidential center should also serve as a final resting place.
In a new book, a former Obama speechwriter reveals a game he began playing last fall: “How much worse is America since I last checked my phone?
A New York Times bestselling author: “I write political thrillers. The Trump era keeps spoiling my books.”

TOYS WERE US. Toys R Us is filing for bankruptcy protection.
But it may have little immediate impact on shoppers.
McDonald’s Happy Meal apple juice is going organic and cutting calories.

FROM THE HANDMAID’S TALE FUTURE TO CHICAGO’S PAST. Elisabeth Moss has signed to star in the true story of the Jane Collective, a Chicago-area underground service that helped women safely and secretly end unwanted pregnancies in the 1960s, when abortion was illegal. (Image courtesy of Women Make Movies.)
Her shoes at the Emmys bore a hidden message.

Yesterday’s emailed edition of Square mischaracterized the status of the law license of a potential candidate for Illinois attorney general. The correct phrase is “become inactive.” Thanks to reader—and lawyer—Ron Schwartz for spotting the mistake.
That same item was also missing the word “a.” Square’s No. 1 Most Faithful Proofreader, Mike Braden, caught that one.
And no one reported the misspelling of Elisabeth Moss’ first name. You’re slipping.

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