The spy in your printer / Radical health care reform / Newspapers' fate

THE SPY IN YOUR PRINTER. A cybersecurity expert explains the standard office printer security protocol that let The Intercept’s sharing of NSA docs on election tampering give away the identity of a suspect named (really) Reality Winner—and that can connect you to to things you print out, too.

Winner, arrested in the Trump administration’s first criminal leak case, often took shots at the president on Twitter, which has—predictably—embraced her name. “The NSA learned nothing from the Edward Snowden experience.”
Chicago Congressman Mike Quigley: The leak revealed the Illinois Board of Elections was a target for Russian hackers.
Why credit card systems keep getting hacked.

‘THERE IS NO ONE IN THE MEDIA WHO WANTS TRUMP TO STOP TWEETING.’ CNN’s Chris Cillizza refutes the president’s tweet this morning that reporters “hate that I can get the honest and unfiltered message out.”
Trump’s refusal to put down the Twitter is “unsettling to many Republicans.”
Four law firms reportedly turned down Trump’s requests for legal counsel in the Russia investigation.
A timeline of Trump’s deteriorating relationship with London’s mayor.
British imams have refused to perform funerals for the attackers in London and Manchester.
 Developing: U.S.-backed forces have launched an assault aimed at capturing a Syrian city that has served as the Islamic State’s “capital.”

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‘ALL RAHM HAS CARED ABOUT IN THE AFTERMATH OF THE TEENAGER’S DEATH IS HIS OWN POLITICS.’ Beachwood Reporter proprietor Steve Rhodes slams Mayor Emanuel’s outside-the-courts plan to reform the Chicago Police Department.
Emanuel: This just recognizes the political reality of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ opposition to police reform agreements.
Trump reportedly is growing discontented with Sessions.

RADICAL HEALTH CARE REFORM. Nevada’s legislature is sending the governor a plan to let anyone sign up for Medicaid.
 The difference between Medicare and Medicaid explained.
In a shot at Walmart, Amazon is offering a Prime discount to people in government assistance programs like food stamps.
Doctors at a Chicago conference report a “revolutionary” cancer treatment: Every patient responded and all but two were in some level of remission within two months.

FREE CTA POSTERS TODAY. A reminder about the most-clicked link in yesterday’s edition of Chicago Public Square: Details on the giveaway at the Clark and Lake station beginning at noon.
The mayor calls the Trump administration’s infrastructure investment plan “fairy dust,” and the Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet agrees: “Is a private company going to … charge a toll for using a new pedestrian and bike bridge?”
Mark Brown: Lake Shore Drive work threatens shelter for the homeless.

NEWSPAPERS’ FATE. After passage of yesterday’s deadline, the Justice Department is reviewing multiple bids to acquire the Chicago Sun-Times and the Reader.
But one potential bidder has dropped out, at least as a solo buyer.

YOU KNOW—THE WAY IT ALWAYS SHOULD HAVE WORKED? The iPhone’s Camera app is about to get the ability to read QR codes.
The Macintosh operating system will be getting faster and Safari will block those stinkin’ autoplaying videos.

THE TRUMP FAMILY’S NEW MONEYMAKING SCHEME. A chain of three-star hotels.
Trump’s D.C. hotel got $270,000 from Saudi Arabia.

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