'That's insane' / Trump's FBI pick / Disney v. Chicago

‘THAT’S INSANE.’ An expert on assessments condemns Cook County’s property tax protocols after a Tribune investigation finds violations of international standards—resulting in a system deeply unfair to the poor and stacked in favor of the rich.
 Illinois owes billions to suburban non-profits, companies and government agencies.

ILLINOIS, HACKED. An August Illinois State Board of Elections staff report obtained by the Sun-Times warned: “Processor usage had spiked to 100% with no explanation,” and said the load was “malicious in nature.”
Virginia Sen. Mark Warner: “The extent of the attacks is much broader than has been reported so far.”

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TRUMP’S FBI PICK. It’s former assistant U.S. attorney general Chris Wray—and a Harvard law prof who considered James Comey’s dismissal from the job “a travesty” calls Wray “a good choice.”
Comey reportedly asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions not to leave him alone with Trump.
Comey has backup witnesses.
Trump may offer play-by-play commentary on Twitter during Comey’s appearance.
Lawyers for Twitter users the president has blocked say that’s unconstitutional.
How to watch Comey’s testimony? How not to watch it is more like it. It’ll be broadcast virtually everywhere.

‘THE LISTED EXPENSES DEFY ANY REASONABLE COST JUSTIFICATION FOR A ONE-DAY GOLF TOURNAMENT.’ A Forbes investigation reveals how Donald Trump and his son Eric channeled money from a kids-cancer charity into the Trump business.
Attorney General Sessions: No more criminal and civil case settlement money for third-party community organizations.

‘YOU ARE GOING TO BE KILLED THIS AFTERNOON.’ And so Neil Steinberg launches “a thought experiment, not a warning” on the nature of terrorism.
The body of another victim in the London Bridge attack has been found in the Thames.
Video shows an attacker lunging at a cop before being shot near Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral.

A BAFFLING MOVE. Mark Brown ponders why the Illinois AFL-CIO has endorsed a Democratic gubernatorial candidate so early in the race.
The Better Government Association finds Illinois governor’s race on pace to become the most expensive in U.S. history.

ILLINOIS COLLEGE SAVINGS OVERHAUL. The state treasurer promises lower fees and more investment choices for those with 529 accounts.
Chicago Public Schools is proposing new high schools for the South Loop/Chinatown and Englewood neighborhoods.

‘THE MORALS WERE NOT WHERE THEY NEEDED TO BE.’ A Michigan State University football coach has dismissed three football players—including a former Hinsdale South star—after they were charged with the criminal sexual assault of a woman.
An ex-Northwestern University cop has been sentenced to prison for taking pornographic photos of two underage girls.

THE CASE AGAINST MODERATE DRINKING. A new study finds moderate drinkers more likely than abstainers or light drinkers to develop changes linked to eventual memory loss in aging brains.
A trade group says Chicago’s local-beer boom is hurting stores and neighborhood bars.
The Onion:Amount Of Water Man Just Used To Wash Dish To Be Prize Of Hand-To-Hand Combat Match In 2065.”

United Airlines is in the passenger-aggravation spotlight again—this time for a “wrestling match” in which one of its supervisors tried to get a musician to check her 17th Century violin.

DISNEY v. CHICAGO. A video game trade group that includes Disney Interactive and Nintendo is suing the city over its application of the 9 percent amusement tax to video games and audio and video streaming services.
 Peter Sallis, the voice of Wallace in ‘Wallace and Grommit,’ is dead.

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