Death at the White House / Taking sides / Chicago Transformed

DEATH AT THE WHITE HOUSE. The Atlantic’s Rosie Gray says the White House press briefing is slowly passing away.

CNN’S Jim Acosta on the forbidding of video and audio recordings at briefings: President Trump’s team members “want their evasive answers not saved for posterity.”
Washington Post: In Trump’s Washington, public business increasingly is handled behind closed doors.
… Including the Republican health care plan.

HAPPY TALK, UNHAPPY FACES. Axios recaps Trump’s meeting with the leaders of Amazon, Apple and Microsoft.
 Vox: The real reason Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods terrifies the competition.
If you bought an ebook from Amazon between 2010 and 2012, you may have a credit coming—but it expires Saturday.

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TAKING SIDES. Two influential Chicago members of Congress are splitting their support between gubernatorial candidates Chris Kennedy and J.B. Pritzker.
Chicago’s private equity industry has declared candidate Daniel Biss an enemy.
Gov. Rauner tonight delivers an address from Springfield. Topic: “Unity.”
Cook County Commissioner Robert Steele—son of former board president Bobbie Steele, whose seat he assumed when she retired a month after her re-election—is dead, and his replacement will ultimately be picked not by voters but by Democratic committeemen.

THEY BEAT THE DEADLINE. A union group affiliated with a former Chicago alderman has formally submitted a bid to buy the Sun-Times.
The group’s goal: “The 99 percent should recognize themselves in what gets written.”

EYES ON GEORGIA. Voters go to the polls today in the most expensive U.S. House race in history.
… Which partisans on both sides are casting as “a referendum on the presidency of Donald Trump.”
… Even though the contenders hardly ever say his name.
The outcome could sway the fate of the Republicans’ health care overhaul.

GOOD. BECAUSE OURS ISN’T DOING SO WELL. NASA has identified 10 more planets outside our solar system potentially capable of supporting life.
It’s so hot in Phoenix, the air density has decreased to the point where planes can’t take off.
In what police describe as a domestic dispute turned violent, a man has been arrested and accused of attacking another man with a chainsaw in Arlington Heights.

‘ALEX JONES … PULLED IN LESS VIEWERSHIP THAN A RE-RUN OF AMERICA’S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS.’ RedState’s Joe Cunningham says Megyn Kelly has learned you can’t convert fringe internet celebrities into ratings.
A Tribune editorial condemns an attack on a Sun-Times critic: “If some members of the Chicago theater community need a ‘trigger warning’ to get through the season, then here it is: You won’t like every review you see.”

‘NOTHING TO DO WITH FOOTBALL. AND … EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS.’ A Supreme Court ruling on a dance band’s potentially offensive name gives the team cause to dance in the end zone.
… And, a Trib editorial says, is a victory for free speech.
A Green Bay Packers fan is suing the Bears for keeping him from wearing his Packers gear onto the field.

A red-carpet opening tonight on a barge in the Chicago River marks the debut of the new Transformers movie.

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