Megyn and Alex / 'Massive crisis mode' / Where's Kathy?

MEGYN AND ALEX. Politico’s media critic Jack Shafer watched Megyn Kelly’s interview with Infowars blowhard Alex Jones and concludes she pantsed him.

Washington Post critic Hank Stuever: Kelly “was tougher on Jones than she was with Russian President Vladimir Putin.”
Yahoo’s Ken Tucker: She made “a mean-minded little man sweat in front of a TV camera.”
Here’s the full show segment.
During a conversation with Breitbart’s editor, HBO’s Bill Maher flunked a history test.

‘THE SHOOTING OF A CONGRESSMAN AND FOUR OTHERS … WASN’T EVEN THE BLOODIEST SHOOTING … IN THE UNITED STATES THAT DAY.’ Neil Steinberg suggests Americans consider restraining their outrage after a mass shooting.
Chicago’s weekend shooting toll: At least 8 dead, 49 wounded.
Federal study: Shootings kill or hurt an average of at least 19 U.S. kids every day.
Meanwhile, more attacks by cars—in Paris and London.

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‘MASSIVE CRISIS MODE.’ That’s the way Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza—the person whose office writes the state’s checks—describes the pending end of money to pay for school buses, domestic violence shelters and ambulance services if lawmakers and the governor can’t come to terms on a budget.
Chicago’s Daily Line website is launching a spinoff: The Springfield Daily Line.

‘RAW POLITICS, NOT RACE.’ USA Today’s Richard Wolf explains what makes this morning’s Supreme Court decision to review how Wisconsin lawmakers drew legislative districts historic.
A Republican Party marketing firm has leaked almost 200 million voters’ personal details.

TRUMP vs. TECH? Axios’ Mike Allen says the titans of the technology sector may be cast as villains for those aligned with President Trump’s xenophobic approach to the economy.
One of the men who spent months on the cleanup after the World Trade Center attack in 2001 faces deportation.
Trump tweeted “I am being investigated …” His lawyer says that’s not true.
An experimental bot will help you compare Trump’s tweets before and after he became president.
 The Daily Beast: Trump has effectively replaced Fox News as the center of information for Republicans.”

PEAPOD’S ‘WORST NIGHTMARE.’ Crain’s Brigid Sweeney says Amazon’s plan to buy Whole Foods stands to fulfill Peapod co-founder Thomas Parkinson’s prediction three years ago that Amazon’s move into grocery deliveries would trigger “a good fight.”
 Forbes: Amazon is “set to reinvent the retail industry.”

WHERE’S KATHY? Media critic Robert Feder notes the occurrence last week of WTMX-FM’s 17th annual Eric & Kathy Charity Golf Outing—without Kathy Hart, who’s been off the air without explanation since April.
Ex-Ald. Eisendrath confirms he’s in the hunt to buy the Sun-Times.

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‘THE LAST REMAINING EVIDENCE OF MY FATHER’S VOICE … WILL EVENTUALLY CEASE TO EXIST.’ A Father’s Day elegy by Esquire culture editor Tyler Coates.
… Which prompted me to post this dissenting opinion on how to save those videotape memories—cheap. (Photo: Toby Hudson.)

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