'An urgent request' / Sears Oakbrook closing / About 'Last Knight'

‘AN URGENT REQUEST.’ After the killing of a Chicago woman early Sunday under a Lake Shore Drive overpass, Ald. Brendan Reilly is asking for “a significant increase in police visibility” overnights and on weekends downtown and along the Lakefront Trail, Riverwalk and Streeterville.
 … And maybe outright closure of that overunderpass.
 A man and woman were shot to death and killed on the Skyway early today in what police say looks like a murder-suicide.
 The Trump administration is sending more federal anti-violence cash to one Illinois city—but it’s not Chicago.

‘OUR TAX SYSTEM IN ILLINOIS STINKS.’ So Illinois State Sen. Daniel Biss, who’s running for governor, says he’ll introduce a broad plan this week to overhaul the state’s property tax assessment protocols.
 Suburban school districts are warning they’ll have to make cuts and close schools if the state doesn’t have a budget by July 1.
 Gov. Rauner, whose administration has gone nearly three years without a budget, spent three much-hyped minutes last night calling for lawmakers to come together to “put the people’s interests ahead of all else.”
 And the Democratic gubernatorial candidates were unimpressed.
 John Kass in the Tribune: Dissolve Illinois(Image: Ryan Marx for the Trib.)
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DEMOCRATS DEVASTATED. A Republican in Georgia has won the most expensive U.S. House race in history—by a margin that more than doubled Donald Trump’s last November.
 David Frum in The Atlantic: The Republican Party is Trump’s now.
 And so he's spiking the ball.
 Matt Yglesias in Vox: Democrats lack “any kind of vision or story they want to paint of what is wrong with America today and what is the better country they want to build for the future.”
 But, although Democrats have yet to capture a red district this year, “They’ve outperformed their ‘generic’ share of the vote significantly in every contest.”
 The FBI says the gunman who opened fire on a Republican baseball team had a storage locker with more than 200 rounds of ammo.

HOW TO KEEP THE RUSSIANS OUT. A computer science prof and a national security expert lay out a plan to keep hackers from attacking the 2018 elections.
 Developing: Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has been testifying to Congress about Russia’s role in the 2016 elections.
 Nine senators to watch as the Republicans roll out their health care overhaul plan Thursday.

UBER AND OUT. His leadership under assault over a series of sexual harassment scandals and financial shortcomings, Travis Kalanick is quitting as Uber’s CEO, but he’ll stay on the board of directors.
 The Guardian’s financial editor: “If Uber was a normal public company… he would have been fired years ago.”
Robbers disguised as Uber drivers have been robbing people downtown.
 Amtrak fans plan rallies in Chicago and dozens of other cities Friday to protest the Trump administration’s proposed funding cuts.

SEARS OAKBROOK CLOSING. One of the chain’s most prominent Chicago-area stores will go dark in September for a remodeling, to reopen next summer—dramatically smaller.
 “The CEO with a big office, a tenure of 10 or 20 years, in a suit and tie, is becoming a thing of the past.”

Your Square proprietor joins a panel at the Deerfield Public Library Thursday evening to discuss “The Real Story Behind Fake News.”
Ivanka Trump condemns snark about Marco Rubio’s hug as “fake news.”

ABOUT ‘LAST KNIGHT.’ The reviews for the new Transformers movie are widely lousy.
But the movie’s stars seemed to have a good time last night in Chicago.
The directors of the Han Solo Star Wars spinoff are out.

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