New Trier intrigue / Trailer thrash / Power splurge

NEW TRIER INTRIGUE. Eric Zorn explores concerns of “a vast yet stealthy effort by the right wing to take control of government” in one of Illinois’ wealthiest communities.

At the heart of the story, a documentary about protests of New Trier High School’s Feb. 28 Seminar Day on Race.

‘THE DECLINE IN THE NUMBER OF INSURED AMERICANS WOULD BE LARGER THAN WHAT WOULD RESULT FROM SIMPLE REPEAL OF OBAMACARE.’ In The New York Times, Paul Krugman takes a critical look at the Republican-sponsored American Health Care Act, which he calls “one of the worst bills ever presented to Congress.”
The House is girding for a do-or-die vote.
… As hundreds in Chicago protested what gubernatorial candidate Daniel Biss labeled a “disastrous” plan.
Vox: Republicans are blasting past a rule they created to slow bills down.
And Barack Obama isn’t letting them off easy.
Neil Steinberg: Planned Parenthood helps people become parents, too.
 Mother Jones: “Texas lawmakers want you to know that they really, really hate abortion.”

HIS NAME WAS ADRIAN. The man shot and killed by police after he ploughed a car into pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge killing three people before storming the Parliamentary estate and stabbing a police officer to death was British-born and converted to Islam after years of trouble with the law.
The Guardian’s continual updates on what we know about the attack.
For the fourth time in a month, TSA agents at Midway Airport report stopping someone trying to bring a gun onto a commercial flight.

TRAILER THRASH. The internets went nuts mocking President Trump’s glee as he took the wheel of a truck at the White House.
A political watchdog says the federal General Services Administration seems to have “leaned over backwards” in granting Trump permission to keep his Washington hotel—in a building he leases from his own government.
The Trump family is launching a new line of hotels not labeled “Trump,” but then-President George W. Bush’s ethics lawyer warns it smacks of “the new version of pay-to-play.”
Thousands of Trump U students are asking for their money back.

WRIGLEY FIELD PARKING SURGE. Aldermen are closing in on a plan to double rates. But, as Fran Spielman reports in the Sun-Times, it could have been worse.
Contrary to this week’s Census figures, a new report foresees above-average population growth for Illinois.

POWER SPLURGE. The Illinois Commerce Commission has OK’d a rate cut that amounts to less than 50 cents a month for the typical customer.
The president’s cleared construction of the much-protested Keystone XL oil pipeline.
“Power Rangers” movie review: “If you signed up for 124 minutes of dinosaurs, robots, and karate,” you’re in for disappointment.

PEACH AND BLUEBERRY ALERT. A deep freeze in the South is bad news for pie fans.
Chicago chef Rick Bayless’ name will emblazon a new line of frozen foods coming this summer.
Dunkin Donuts is outperforming Starbucks in the stock market. (Photo:

THE PROBLEM WITH ‘ARTSY TV ADS.’ Media critic Mark Edwards says marketers are making a mistake by skipping the words.
The biggest demographic of The New York Times’ online audience? Millennials.
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