Chicago blues museum / Mercury mystery / Blackhawks playoff tickets

CHICAGO BLUES MUSEUM. The 50,000-square-foot Blues Experience is scheduled to open in spring 2019 near Millennium Park, according to Mark Guarino in Crain’s.
The Sun-Times: Not long after restaurateurs landed a big stake in a retail deal at Midway Airport, they gave big to Mayor Emanuel.
Sun-Times editorial: An abandoned Wrigley gum factory serves “a story of clear conflicts of interest.”

BETTER LATE THAN … Through most of a “day of arrests by President Trump’s favorite authoritarian regime, the White House was utterly, eerily silent,” Jennifer Rubin writes in the Washington Post. But eventually, she says, the State Department condemned Russia.
A Senate committee will question Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, about administration ties to Russia.
 … a session he’ll have to squeeze in, now that he’s back from skiing, around his new job for the president.

FROM 1983, FRED ROGERS’ TALE FOR TODAY. Long-lost but newly restored episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood seem tailor-made for 2017.
From 1987: Mister Rogers goes to Russia. (Raw audio of my interview with him.)

‘PELLEY DIDN’T DO HIS HOMEWORK.’ BuzzFeed’s Charlie Warzel says 60 Minutes got owned” in an interview with a pro-Trump blogger.
Acclaimed TV journalist Ted Koppel tells Fox’s Sean Hannity Hannity is “bad for America.”

DEMOCRATS’ BIG TEST. Vox on a Georgia race: “Dems normally raise $10,000 for this House seat. This April they’ll have $3 million.”
By AP’s analysis, North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” could cost the state $3.76 billion.
The Atlantic explores why Trump fares better “among evangelicals [who] don’t really go to church.”

LEGGINGS-UNFRIENDLY SKIES. After forbidding a couple of teenage girls from wearing leggings onto one of its flights, United Airlines explains they were a special case—and your leggings are (probably) welcome.
The Economist: Foreign airlines aren’t taking the Trump administration’s laptop ban lying down (or reclining).
In Chicago, Jews and Muslims are forging new alliances.

CRIME-STAT TWISTS. Neil Steinberg condemns a Trump administration program that he says is designed to demonize undocumented immigrants.
Chicago’s police union chief is headed to D.C. to meet with what he calls “the upper echelon at the Trump administration.”

MERCURY MYSTERY. After decades of decline, Great Lakes fish contamination from a pollutant linked to kidney damage, brain development defects, immune system disorders and heart problems is on the rise. One possible factor: The weather. (Photo: Bionerd.)
Trump’s EPA chief says the president will order the beginning of the end of President Obama’s plan to slow climate change.

BLACKHAWKS PLAYOFF TICKETS. Seats for the first two rounds of potential postseason home games go on sale today at noon Central time.

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