Orange is out / 'I love you all,' but … / Trump + Democrats?


Chicago has chosen a company to replace orange-hued sodium streetlights citywide with more efficient white-bluish LEDs—which the city predicts will put more light on the roads and less into homes. (Photo: Jaro Nemčok.)

‘I LOVE YOU ALL. I MEAN NO DISRESPECT.’ But Illinois gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy has told Cook County Democratic Party leaders their backing is probably less important than “the endorsements of people on Facebook, and LinkedIn, or Twitter or Snapchat.”
Gov. Rauner: Rahm Emanuel won’t be mayor by 2023.
 Rich Miller in Crain’s: “How about the governor and the General Assembly get a real budget deal done before we … kill a supposedly fully insured baby?

SEGREGATION’S COST. A new report concludes raising Chicago’s level of integration to the median of the nation’s 50 largest metro areas could cut the homicide rate by 30 percent and pump billions more into the economy. (Image: Metropolitan Planning Council.)
Emanuel and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle on U.S. Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions’ proposed crackdown in “sanctuary cities” for undocumented immigrants: Fahgettaboudit.
Mark Brown: An Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent’s shooting of a Chicago man yesterday shows how President Trump’s immigration policies make Americans less safe.
A DePaul student shot during an attempted robbery last night is the fourth student there attacked with a gun in the last three months.

‘THE BATTLE OVER THE FUTURE OF U.S. CLIMATE POLICY’ STARTS NOW. Vox’s Brad Plumer explains Trump’s big fat order to tear up Obama-era rules.
Who’s who among Trump administration climate-change denialists.

TRUMP+DEMOCRATS? Axios says that, after last week’s health care debacle, the president’s considering reaching across the aisle and seeing if the other side’s easier to work with on tax reform and infrastructure—jobs—programs.
The federal Government Accounting Office has agreed to scrutinize the president’s use of his Mar-a-Lago resort at taxpayer expense—but that may be tough because Mar-a-Lago doesn’t keep visitor logs.
Ron Grossman in the Tribune ponders whether “Trump’s magical thinking” is a sign of mental illness.

‘HE’S GONE OFF ON … A SORT OF INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU INVESTIGATION HERE.’ That’s Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham making fun of House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes, who’s under pressure to quit after admitting he met with a secret source at the White House to review intelligence reports.
Who is Nunes?
The Trump administration tried to keep a Justice Department employee the president fired from testifying to Congress about Russia.

The signature Alexander Calder sculpture that has greeted Willis (Sears) Tower visitors for more than 40 years is disappearing.
Robert Crown Center in Hinsdale, (also for more than 40 years) a destination for schoolkids in sex-ed programs, is closing.

NEW iPHONE SOFTWARE. What’s new in iOS 10.3, which may make your phone faster but will probably take a long time to load—and why you might want to wait before updating.
Updates, too, for the operating systems of Apple Macs, TV and Watch.

Adam Sandler’s critically panned comedies are Netflix’s most popular original films.
Florida’s facing a frogpocalypse.

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