‘Chicago in January with flip flops’ / ‘An ideal canvas for projecting every anxiety’ / Media on the bubble

‘Chicago in January with flip flops.’ Popular Information takes a hard look at Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s wholesale transport of migrants to Illinois.
 The White House is suing Texas over a law giving cops authority to arrest migrants—a move the Justice Department contends gives the state an illegal immigration system of its own.
 A growing number of Chicago suburbs are limiting or blocking migrant drop-offs within their borders.
 A census recount has found another 46,400 Illinoisans—putting the lie to assertions the state’s population has dropped …
 … and securing a bigger share of the federal pie.

 Metra stiffed New Year’s Eve passengers when a 1:15 a.m. train left Union Station 20 minutes early the morning of Jan. 1.

Picture this. A Sun-Times editorial on a call to delay posting of a portrait of indicted-but-not-convicted ex-Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan at the Capitol: Better to push for removal of two paintings of convicted ex-Gov. George Ryan.
 Read the resolution: “We request that no official portrait … be hung … until such time as Mr. Madigan is acquitted.”

‘I make an ideal canvas for projecting every anxiety about the … changes unfolding on American campuses.’ Exiting Harvard President Claudine Gay, the school’s first Black leader, writes in a guest essay for The New York Times (gift link courtesy of Chicago Public Square supporters): “Trusted institutions of all types—from public health agencies to news organizations—will continue to fall victim to coordinated attempts to undermine their legitimacy and ruin their leaders’ credibility.”
 Handbasket columnist Marisa Kabas: “Chris Rufo … wants the glory for bringing down Harvard’s president. So let’s give it to him.”
 Public Notice: “Moneyed Harvard donors like conservative hedge fund billionaire and Kyle Rittenhouse superfan Bill Ackman believed Gay was an unqualified affirmative action pick and wanted her gone.”
 A Chicago connection: Politico reports Ackman wants Penny Pritzker to step down from Harvard’s governing board.
 Puck’s Julia Ioffe offers a cautionary note to “my fellow Jews who are happy with Gay’s ouster …: We have been deftly used as a political football by people very happy to ally with American fascists who are, most often, antisemites themselves. Give them a few spins of the Earth, and we’ll find ourselves thrown under the train once again by people who defended chants of ‘Jews will not replace us.’

A meet recall. Illinois-based Valley Meats is urging restaurants and distributors to toss almost 7,000 pounds of ground beef that may be contaminated by E. coli.
 Here’s how to tell which packages are affected.

Media on the bubble. The Messenger is reportedly nearing a shutdown.
 Audacy, the terribly misnamed (homophones suck on the radio) behemoth parent of several Chicago stations—including WXRT, WBBM and The Score—is at bankruptcy’s door.
 Chicago novelist Eden Robins celebrates: “After many years holding down a corporate job to get health insurance, I’ve finally found a better way to make ends meet and do my art: I’m a crossing guard.”

‘Fascinating real-life story’ botched. Critic Richard Roeper gives a movie about a serial killer’s kidnapping of an Evanston native and his ice-skating chimp just one two stars.
 You might better spend your time reading the fascinating Sun-Times account of what really happened.

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