‘A warning’ / Masks on / Cops out? / Royko’s feuds

‘A warning.’ Law professor Joyce Vance sees cause for alarm in a chat with a “young, smart … recent college graduate” who didn’t know the name Rudy Giuliani: “Don’t assume that those around us know everything we know about the upcoming election and what it means for the future.”
 NewsGuard reflects on 2023, “The Year AI Supercharged Misinformation.”
 Columnist Neil Steinberg’s 2024 resolution: “Preserve democracy”—the key to which, he says, is “fostering forgiveness,” even for benighted souls like failed Republican gubernatorial candidate and now Republican congressional candidate Darren Bailey, who “tweeted a strange photo of himself on New Year’s Eve.”

‘Seriously scandalous.’ The Daily Beast says special counsel Jack Smith “has compiled a very curious list of theoretical misdeeds that seem to telegraph potential bombshells” at Donald Trump’s upcoming trial in Washington.
 Trump’s niece, Mary L. Trump, notes that presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has hired a leader of the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection as his communications chief.

‘Ham-fisted.’ A Sun-Times editorial blasts Mayor Johnson’s handling of Chicago’s migrant influx—but also calls for President Biden to step up.
 Block Club: Migrants arriving in Chicago have been spending nights inside CTA buses while awaiting spots in city shelters.
 On CNN last night, Johnson accused Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of “sowing the seeds of chaos” by shunting migrants north …
 … an increasing number of them to the suburbs.
 NBC 5: Some City Council members have condemned Johnson’s plan to shift $95 million in COVID emergency funds to improve the city’s migrant housing.

Masks on. With COVID-19, flu and RSV surging, a growing number of Chicago-area hospitals—including Rush—have revived masking rules …
 … notably because of the new, more contagious, JN.1 strain of COVID.

Cops out? The Chicago Board of Education’s considering removing all police officers from the city’s schools.
 Chalkbeat Chicago: Three things to know about the board’s resolution on school choice.

‘We’re becoming a nation of sports gamblers, and as a sports gambler, I think that needs to change.’ Columnist Ben Krauss: “Betting from the couch is bad. … Make sports gambling less accessible.”
 It’s a growing concern on college campuses, as The Conversation noted in November.

‘Not good enough.’ A Tribune editorial says Harvard’s president was right to quit, but it says the university’s board needs to come clean about just why she did.
 The AP: A conservative attack fanned outrage against her.
 ABC News offers a timeline of Gay’s “short, scandal-plagued tenure.”

Starbucks’ new deal. To cut waste, the company as of today will serve customers beverages in their own reusable cups—but those cups have to be clean.

Royko’s feuds. Chicago historian Cate Plys is taking a deep—really deep—dive into legendary columnist Mike Royko’s estrangement from people that readers might have expected him to celebrate.
 A Facebook group declares “Mike Royko is God.”

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