Earthquake! / #ChiBudgetBingo / ‘The media shills too much for gambling’

Earthquake! Northern Illinois sustained one at 4:42 this morning, epicenter about 100 miles southwest of Chicago.
 A Peru, Illinois, cop: “We received voluminous amounts of 911 calls. It was literally one call after another.”
 It was the state’s second quake in a month.
 If you felt it, the United States Geological Survey would like to hear from you.

Starbucks strike. Baristas at at least two Chicago locations walked off the job this morning, demanding serious negotiations over staffing and schedules.

 The council’s considering new rules of decorum.

Ethics in the news. The Tribune says the Chicago Board of Ethics has concluded Chicago Treasurer Melissa Conyears-Ervin violated the city’s ethics code by firing two top aides who accused her of repeatedly misusing taxpayer resources and pressuring public employees to help her political allies.
 The UC Berkeley School of Law dean says the Supreme Court’s new code of ethics is fatally flawed.

Michigan Avenue attack. A young woman was in critical condition after a man threw a “large object”—reportedly a log—at her as she walked along the 600 block Monday.
 The suspect was due in court this afternoon.

‘Bring them home now!’ That was one of the chants yesterday as a large contingent from Chicago joined tens of thousands protesting Hamas’ attacks and demanding freedom for Israeli hostages.
 The Guardian: The World Health Organization said it had lost contact with medics at that hospital.
 Columnist Matthew Yglesias: “Insisting that anti-Zionism is antisemitism waves away the reality that Israeli policy choices … have discredited the whole enterprise.”
 Author and journalist Dan Sinker on Threads: “We really went from ‘they bombed their own hospital’ to ‘we’re bombing all their hospitals’ in a very short amount of time.”

‘Grandpa Bernie is about to turn this car around, and then nobody is going to Six Flags.’ Jimmy Kimmel reviews outbreaks of violence on Capitol Hill …
 … where Sen. Bernie Sanders intervened in a conflict between the Teamsters president and Republican Sen. Markwayne Mullin …
 … and Republican Rep. Tim Burchett accused ex-Speaker Kevin McCarthy of elbowing him in the kidneys.
 The Daily Beast: “Speaker Mike Johnson avoided a shutdown … but he’s got a real problem on his hands.”
 Historian Heather Cox Richardson notes, “Just two Democrats opposed the measure. Ninety-three Republicans did.”
 USA Today’s Rex Huppke: “Johnson did what any reasonable politician would do: He gave his wholehearted endorsement to the guy speaking fluent fascism.”

‘I don’t like seeing historians this stressed out.’ Washington Post satirist Alexandra Petri fears that “Donald Trump is sounding like Hitler on purpose” (gift link, courtesy of Chicago Public Square supporters).
 The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Will Bunch: “Trump is … stealing his ideas, too.”
 News critic Tom Jones: “As much as it’s critical to call out Trump’s terrifying language … it’s just as critical for journalists to ask Republican Party leaders and members what they think about it.”
 Visionary NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen has been imploring journalists to ignore the horse-race polling stories about the presidential race and instead focus on the stakes—“what might happen as a result of the election.”
 The Georgia district attorney prosecuting Trump says she expects his trial to last through Election Day and maybe past the 2025 presidential inauguration.
 Citing the danger of witness intimidation, she’s asking a judge to forbid the additional release of video showing Trump’s co-defendants talking to prosecutors.

‘The media shills too much for gambling as it is, and is too quiet about the glories of not gambling.’ Columnist Neil Steinberg visits Bally’s temporary casino at the Medinah Temple.
 A new report cites the University of Illinois in a survey of how to, in columnist Kristen Hare’s words, “replenish the information landscape.”
 Men Yell at Me proprietor Lyz Lenz: “After Jezebel there will be others. We just have to make them.”

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