‘Type headline here’ / ‘I hate 9/11’ / Resistance may be futile

‘Type headline here.’ An email oversight by The New York Times the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, alerted columnist Matt Baron to “the magnitude of the day’s horribleness.”
Across the nation today, bells tolled to mark the attacks’ 22nd anniversary.
A father’s letters to his sons in the days after: “I worry whether the hate unleashed here and untamed elsewhere can be contained.”

‘I hate 9/11.’ Bulwark columnist Will Selber: “Almost nobody speaks truthfully about the wars that followed.”
Journalism professor and 9/11 survivor Jeff Jarvis, today: “I am angry … at what has fallen since: At the authoritarianism that overtook this country and threatens the world, at racism and bigotry set loose.”

‘When Trump issues threats on the campaign trail, it’s worth listening.’ Dissecting the ex-president’s campaign speeches, CNN analyst Stephen Collinson concludes he’s explaining “exactly how wild and extreme his second term would be.”
Oak Park native—and author of Ringmaster: Vince McMahon and the Unmaking of America— Abraham Josephine Riesman* tells Popular Information McMahon is a key to understanding Trump’s enduring appeal.

At NBC Nightly News, ‘anti-union propaganda’ and a ‘potential conflict of interest.’ The Lever rips apart the network’s coverage of a threatened auto industry strike.
At television’s longest-running show, NBC’s Meet the Press, Chuck Todd has signed off as moderator.
Columnist Neil Steinberg explores the limits of journalistic ethics.
PolitiFact tracks a YouTube channel’s evolution from a source of guidance for farmers to a fount of misinformation.

‘I will not go with an unknown group that’s promising so many things but aren’t answering questions.’ The motives of an unaffiliated Waukegan Church picking up migrants from a Chicago refuge remain unclear.
 As Block Club Chicago notes, the church holds anti-LGBTQ beliefs.

‘The whiff of … totally improper.’ A Sun-Times editorial calls for a full investigation of shady business at Chicago City Treasurer Melissa Conyears-Ervin’s office.
The Sun-Times takes a deep dive into the life of Jianan Shi, Chicago’s youngest school board president since mayors began appointing them in 1995.

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* Previously featured in a Square podcast discussing his her biography of Marvel Comics progenitor Stan Lee.

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