New world record / Chicago’s web fail / TV turmoil

New world record. The World Meteorological Organization says we just endured by far the hottest August ever recorded with modern equipment.
 The sweltering heat’s a factor in the disappearance of Illinois’ native bees and other pollinators.
 Charlie Pierce at Esquire: The planet is now cracking up on every possible level.”
 Heated’s Emily Atkin: Global warming prophet Al Gore’s new TED talk “couldn’t have come at a more crucial time.”
 The Guardian: A bogus “university” is spreading climate lies on reactionary donors’ dollar.

‘One of the deadliest … in recent history.’ A safety expert says a run of Lake Michigan tragedies made Chicago’s Labor Day one for the books …
 … along with homicides overall.

Another one bites the dust. Chicago Public Schools’ chief operating officer—please, let that sink in: its chief operating officer—has quit after an inspector general’s investigation caught her cheating on a COVID relief loan program.
 She was one of more than a dozen school employees and officials snared by the report …
 … which you can read here.

‘The city of Chicago needs a new treasurer.’ That’s what a Tribune editorial says seems to be the case in light of accusations that the incumbent, Melissa Conyears-Ervin, engaged in “wholesale misuse of taxpayer resources.”
 And speaking of questionable city officials: On his way out the door, Chicago’s interim police superintendent has promoted two cops accused of fostering a hostile work environment and two others named in costly lawsuits against the city.

Chicago’s web fail. A consultant hired by City Hall says the city’s websites and phone apps pretty much suck …
 … which is substantially what a 2021 report also concluded.

‘Nice title for a country song, but it’s not a very good argument.’ Law professor Joyce Vance critiques this afternoon’s “I’ve never been to Coffee County, Georgia” defense by two of Donald Trump’s co-defendants.
 Former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio holds the new record for Jan. 6, 2021, insurrectionist sentences: 22 years in prison.
 The New Yorker’s Andy Borowitz: “Proud Boy to Be in Prison Until He Is Elderly Boy.”
 Among The Onion’s satiric survey of other Proud Boys’ reactions: “Those insurrectionists sicken me and don’t represent my values or the values of dozens of members like me who only joined the Proud Boys because we hate women.”

‘All of that was a lie.’ Popular Information exposes Twitter X overlord Elon Musk’s hypocrisy on anti-semitism.
 As he threatens to sue the Anti-Defamation League for, um, defamation, the ADL calls what’s happening on his platform “deeply troubling.”

TV turmoil. Add Roku to the roster of streaming video companies in trouble: It’s cutting 10% of its staff and scaling back the shows available on its platform.
 Google’s shutting down its Google Play Movies & TV app.
 But, hey, Advisorator has tips for amusing yourself with smart plugs (an exclusive link for Chicago Public Square readers).

Taste of traffic trouble. Ahead of this weekend’s NASCAR-delayed Taste of Chicago, some downtown streets have already been closed.
 Here’s the full fest rundown.

‘A … cowardly effort.’ Columnist Mark Jacob: The New York Times has a serious headline problem …
 … and he says this Times profile of Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley “says nothing about her stands on the issues now facing this country.”
 Coincidentally, Neil Steinberg’s critique of the Times obituary for Jimmy Buffett was—by far—the most-tapped link in yesterday’s Chicago Public Square.
 Block Club Chicago: A group of city kids started their own local newspaper.

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