Democracy’s ‘major victory’ / Inferno in paradise / ‘An 80 to 98% likelihood of false claims on … the news’

Democracy’s ‘major victory.’ A Republican-backed plan that would have raised the bar for passage in November of a constitutional amendment protecting abortion rights in Ohio went down to resounding defeat.
 In the words of the Abortion, Every Day newsletter’s Jessica Valenti: “It failed fucking spectacularly” …
 … signaling what one conservative fellow calls “a five-alarm fire” for the anti-abortion movement …
 … and what Pod Save America’s Dan Pfeiffer calls a blueprint for Democrats in 2024.
 The Associated Press: “A sizable number of Republicans voted against the measure.”
 Popular Information: A federal judge appointed by Donald Trump has ordered Southwest Airlines attorneys to get “training” from an extremist anti-abortion group.
 At The Nib, cartoonist Jen Sorensen offers makeover help for reactionaries, including these:

‘For once in his life, Trump was telling the truth.’ Politico’s Jack Shafer says Trump would be justified in skipping Republican presidential debates—because “he has such a stupendous start … that the cosmos would have to split open and smite him to block his nomination.”
 And yet, columnist Lauren Martinchek says, “I need to see … Trump and Chris Christie debate.”

Inferno in paradise. “Apocalyptic” Hawaiian wildfires have forced people to flee into the ocean.
 The Conversation: Scientists and volunteer divers are racing to save Florida’s valuable coral reef from devastating ocean heat.
 Sen. Bernie Sanders, writing for—believe it or not—Fox: “Climate change is a threat to the planet.”
 The Lever turns up the heat on corporate lobbying groups blocking wildfire protections for workers.
 General Motors says its new electric vehicles will be able to act as backup power supplies during blackouts—but that feature will cost extra.

Water, water. An Indiana family says a 35-year-old mom of two daughters under 10 is dead after drinking too much water.
 Odor relief may be in the works for the south suburban Thornton Reservoir, maybe best known for stinking up cars passing along the Tri-State Tollway.
 Borderless: Archaic wastewater systems, crumbling infrastructure and segregated housing create a perfect storm of flooding vulnerability in Chicago.
 Axios: Chicago has some of the nation’s worst noise pollution.

She’d just bought ice cream for herself and her dad. The shooting death of a 9-year-old girl has brought first-degree murder charges against her neighbor.
 Her mom was shot and killed in 2018.
 A Sun-Times editorial: “Firearms … can quickly turn a fit of anger into a violent tragedy.”

‘If he doesn’t figure out this words-convey-meaning business, it’s going to be a very long four years.’ Columnist Neil Steinberg takes Mayor Johnson to dictionary school over a statement that Steinberg says “was a slow pitch down the middle to Fraternal Order of Police head John Catanzara.”
 A Chicago cop caught on video bullying a Black woman walking her dog along North Avenue Beach during a pandemic shutdown is off the hook for felony charges …

Because the one we have sucks. Gov. Pritzker’s created a commission to consider creation of a new Illinois state flag.
 Chicago magazine’s Edward McClelland in 2019: The present version is “ugly as sin.”

‘An 80 to 98% likelihood of false claims on … the news.’ NewsGuard’s latest checkup on leading artificial intelligence chatbots finds them still spewing crap.
 Opinion at The Atlantic: “Funding local news would more than pay for itself” by keeping government honest and frugal.

Creator of a wedding staple. DJ Casper, the Chicagoan who brought the world Cha Cha Slide, is dead at 58.
 LL Cool J on Sunday headlines a United Center celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary.

‘Sounds great to me.’ Critic Richard Roeper gives 3 1/2 stars to the new season of Only Murders in the Building.
 The Guardian gives it 4.

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