‘Humanity is on thin ice’ / ‘A momentous week’ / Art Institute’s gains ill-gotten?

‘Humanity is on thin ice.’ A new report from a UN scientific panel foresees a worst-case climate scenario if rich countries don’t swear off coal, oil and gas by 2040 …
  … a call for, in the secretary-general’s words, “action on all fronts—everything, everywhere, all at once.”
Earlier targets set that date at 2050.
The New York Times: “Every fraction of a degree of additional warming is expected to increase the severity of dangers that people around the world face, such as water scarcity, malnutrition and deadly heat waves.”
Read the report here …
 … or, if you prefer a slideshow version, here you go.

‘A momentous week.’ Public Notice explains what to expect if Donald Trump is indicted for hush payments to porn actor Stormy Daniels …
 … a scenario that CNN’s Stephen Collinson says “would have huge political and national implications.”
Popular Information:Why Stormy Daniels matters.”
Journalist Marcy Wheeler: “Trump once again got journalists to willingly serve as his incitement mules.”

Game on. Early voting begins today for Chicago’s—and Illinois’—April municipal elections.
Don’t vote in ignorance. Check the Chicago Public Square voter guide.
The white candidate, Paul Vallas, has landed endorsements from a flock of Black pastors and a cluster of white Northwest Side city council members.
Columnist Laura Washington on the mayoral candidates’ public safety pledges: “These men haven’t even been elected yet they are already dodging and ducking, slipping and sliding.”
Columnist Neil Steinberg: “Our two mayoral candidates talk about how they’re going to finance their pie-in-the-sky, cop-on-every-corner dreams of urban perfection by digging into the sofa cushions and holding bake sales and cutting corruption.”
Weekend shootings across Chicago claimed at least four lives.

Suisse cheese. Mismanaged and scandal-scarred Credit Suisse is the latest major bank to crumble …
 … and its share prices plummeted after UBS agreed to buy it out.

Art Institute’s gains ill-gotten? Casting doubt on the museum’s commitment to keeping its galleries free of looted antiquities, ProPublica and Crain’s Chicago Business report that even though Nepal wants a sacred necklace returned, the Institute still keeps it on display …
 … and that’s not its only problematic holding …
 … which makes this a good time to revisit John Oliver’s October report on stolen antiquities.

Spring to be sprung. It arrives at 4:24 this afternoon, Central time …
 … which means it’s time for Chicagohenge (2011 photo: Samer on Flickr)
 … not to mention Chicago’s highway construction season, which will be notably worse than usual on the Kennedy.

Not following Square on Facebook? Here’s a taste of what you missed over the weekend:
Columnist Rex Huppke: “If Donald Trump is indicted … police officials say they will keep MAGA protesters away from Manhattan by posting pronouns throughout the city.”
Historian Heather Cox Richardson: “Trump’s false and dystopian portrait of the nation takes to its logical conclusion the narrative Republicans have pushed since the 1980s.”
The Intercept on the Iraq war’s architects: “The men and women who launched this catastrophic, criminal war have paid no price over the past two decades. On the contrary, they’ve been showered with promotions and cash.”
Air Mail’s profile of The Lever’s founder, Northwestern University grad David Sirota.

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