MAGA maddened / Green Line, red light / Groupoff

North Carolina Republican Rep. Don Bishop: “Smash the FBl [sic] into a million pieces.”
The prospect that Trump mishandled classified federal documents raises the possibility he could be disqualified from seeking federal office again.
CNN’s Brian Stelter: How the story unfolded across the media.
First word came from a political blogger who forthrightly conceded, “Im not a strong enough reporter to hunt this down, but its real.”
Politico’s Shia Kapos: “In Illinois, we’re accustomed to the feds dropping by unannounced at the homes and offices of political bigwigs.”
Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin: “Let’s pause to note the incredible number of legal fronts on which the ex-president appears to be screwed” …
 … but columnist Eric Zorn is skeptical: “My foot has hit the ‘surely Trump won’t be able to get out of this one!’ banana skin too many times already for me to feel any particular elation at signs the U.S. Justice Department is really closing in.”
It happened on the anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s resignation in 1974.

Tucker Carlson reportedly ‘shitting himself.’ The Daily Beast says Fox News’ star talking head is worried that his frequent texts with conspiracy shoveler Alex Jones will leak.
The Jan. 6 committee has ’em.
The Washington Post: Carlson “has been arguably Jones’s most significant validator.”

Scorecards, get your scorecards. Here’s what to watch in primary results tonight from Minnesota, Connecticut, Vermont and Wisconsin.
 Gov. Pritzker and Mayor Lightfoot are rolling out the welcome mat for businesses from states with new restrictions on abortion.
A Norfolk, Nebraska, woman and her daughter face criminal charges—the mother accused of helping her daughter abort a fetus …
 … after the government, in a scenario largely hypothetical until now, got the teenager’s Facebook messages.
Cartoonist Tom Tomorrow mocks Republican strategists: “We need to get to work banning contraception, a thing that the voting public will not object to in the least!”

Bigger News If They Hadn’t Dept. The Chicago and state chapters of the Fraternal Order of Police are backing Trumpophiliac Republican candidate for governor Darren Bailey.
Chicago’s FOP boss, John Catanzara, says he’ll pass on a run for mayor.
Gov. Pritzker is calling for a thorough investigation of charges a Chicago senator who led the charge for legislation requiring every Illinois cop to wear a body camera was improperly influenced by a company that makes the things.
The Onion:Police Did Great Job, Police Say.”

Green Line, red light. The Tribune has unearthed new evidence of the problems wrought by CTA staff shortages: Repeated suspension of service on the Green Line.
Chicago’s Union Station makes Route Fifty’s list of “The nation’s most ambitious train station renovation projects.”

Parade prudence. Mindful of the assault on Highland Park’s 4th of July parade, Chicago police are ramping up security—paying particular attention to rooftops—along the route of the Bud Billiken Parade on the South Side Saturday.

Groupoff. Chicago-based Groupon is laying off more than 500 workers—15% of its workforce.
Intelligentsia Coffee workers at five Chicago stores have voted to unionize.

A bigger Lolla. Details unearthed by a Trib Freedom of Information request reveal the Chicago deal to extend Lollapalooza’s grip on Grant Park by another decade will allow 60,000 more attendees in over the course of four days.

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