‘Strategy for white men in trouble’ / KISS on death / Bye, Sears

‘Tried-and-true strategy for white men in trouble.’ Vox’s Jamil Smith assesses Kyle Rittenhouse’s “ugly cry” on the stand at his murder trial in Kenosha.
After a long weekend, lawyers in the case return Monday to set instructions for the jury.

‘Perverse incentive structures.’ In email obtained by the Trib, a Chicago police leader charged with implementing department reforms told Mayor Lightfoot he was quitting because the city’s top cops refused “to even feign interest” in the work.
Chicago City Council members today were set to quiz the department on its widely discredited ShotSpotter gunshot detection system.

‘He can’t relate because he is wealthy and we are not.’ A protest at a West Side McDonald’s upped pressure on the chain to dump its CEO over insensitive comments about the deaths of two kids shot and killed in Chicago.
Gunfire grazed the head of a 1-year-old boy in a South Side Walgreens parking lot yesterday afternoon.
A southwest suburban man’s been charged with carjacking Chicago radio host Maze Jackson on the South Side Tuesday.
The University of Chicago is stepping up security measures after the robbery at gunpoint of a staffer early yesterday and the killing of a recent graduate Tuesday.

Happy Vaccination Awareness Day. Axios Chicago rounds up things to do with kids who have no school …
 … aside, of course, from getting them vaccinated.

‘Countdown to catastrophe.’ The AP details “70 minutes at Astroworld.”
More findings from the Trib’s email haul cast shadows over the rigor of pandemic precautions at the summer’s Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.

‘I have been threatened with battery. I have been threatened with rape. I have been hit in the face. I have been spat on.’ WTTW News reports Chicago-area emergency room nurses want more security.

KISS on death. Gene Simmons, founder of the rock band KISS, calls out anti-vaxxers: “Over 5 million human beings have died from COVID. I know there are Flat Earth Society people who believe that … they died because they were fat or died because they smoked. … They died because they got COVID” …
 … but he also sank to both-sidesing: “The far left and the far right, they are both evil.”

‘It’s common sense.’ In a recorded interview with ABC News’ Jonathan Karl for Karl’s new book, Donald Trump defends Jan. 6 threats to hang Vice President Mike Pence.
Men Yell at Me columnist Lyz Lenz awards a three-way tie for her latest “Dingus of the Week.”

Novo is a Chicago Public Square advertiser.

In defense of billionaires. Better Government Association CEO David Grieising: “The big-bucks feud between two of Illinois’ most prominent billionaires has been good for the state.”
One of those guys—Gov. Pritzker—tells the Sun-Times the other one—Ken Griffin—should keep his money out of the next gubernatorial race after “the damage” done by his last candidate, Bruce Rauner.

Bye, Sears. The last Illinois outlet of a chain born in Chicago closes Sunday.
The Trib’s Christopher Borrelli walks through the store in Schaumburg and recommends that if you go, “Bring a few tissues, this is a tearful story.”
Johnson & Johnson is splitting in two—and one of them won’t be “Johnson.”

Heavy snow? Brace for a burst of winter this afternoon and tomorrow …
 … and then a freeze Sunday.

‘I’m canceling my subscription to this right-wing rag.’ A reader of columnist Eric Zorn’s Picayune Sentinel email newsletter—which yesterday kindly plugged Square—used those words to explain a decision to dump the Sentinel. Because it’s only fair, let’s replace that subscriber for Zorn.
A Chicago Tribune editorial mournfully honors renovation of the paper’s old home, Tribune Tower*: “It’s beautiful now in a different way but very quiet. We miss all the commotion.”

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