Southwest err / ‘It’s an insult’ / ‘You silly pathetic little troll’

Southwest err. A holiday weekend of widespread service disruption stretched into the workweek as Southwest Airlines today canceled more than 350 flights.
The airline and its pilot union deny speculation a work slowdown is responsible.

Mighta been a twister. So it seems, in central Illinois yesterday afternoon.
Analysis of tens of thousands of scientific studies from 1951 to 2018 concludes climate change may already have affected 85 percent of the world’s population.

‘People have found the ability to work remotely … inspiring and reenergizing.’ Amazon's new CEO says in a blog post that the company will let many workers keep their distance indefinitely.
Possible motivation, according to the Seattle Times: Amazon's been reluctant to require employees to get the vaccine—in accordance with President Biden's mandate—for fear warehouse workers would quit in protest.
Patch columnist Mark Konkol: More than a month after the start of classes, nearly 70 percent of 477 public school districts that took Gov. Pritzker up on “his pet coronavirus testing operation, SHIELD Illinois,” have gotten “what they paid for it. Nothing.”
A UChicago Medicine infectious disease specialist: “There are certainly parts of this country that are reaching herd immunity.”

‘It’s an insult.’ A man who lost a daughter to fire in a building that Chicago failed to cite for safety issues responds to a Better Government Association / Chicago Tribune investigation that found Mayor Lightfoot’s “scofflaw list” of landlords has omitted hundreds of unsafe buildings.

‘No matter what you think of Donald Trump it is never appropriate to call a president of the United States Fartmouth.’ That’s some of what Tribune columnist Rex Huppke found in his fan mailbag.
Historian Heather Cox Richardson notes: “The New York Times and The Washington Post … ran op-eds from Republicans or former Republicans urging members of their party who still value democracy to vote Democratic until the authoritarian faction that has taken over their party is bled out of it.”

‘Racism happens at our school.’ A 16-year-old Marist High School student recorded other students booing and kneeling in protest at a homecoming dance Saturday as the DJ played a Mexican line-dancing song.
The school’s spokeswoman says its leaders “will use this moment … to educate all members of our student body.”
The Las Vegas Raiders’ coach—one of the highest-paid in the NFL—has quit after revelation of lots and lots and lots of homophobic, racist and misogynistic emails.
Netflix is standing by Dave Chappelle despite criticism of a new comedy special condemned as transphobic …

A Chicago Public Square public service announcement

Sen. Durbin will take your questions. Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin—chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee—will speak on “Justice for All” and take questions during this Sunday’s 11 a.m. Zoom service at Chicago’s Third Unitarian Church. Register free here to receive the link.
This advisory courtesy of Square supporter David Boulanger.

‘Read my lips.’ Chicago Public Media CEO Matt Moog insists the proposed acquisition of the Sun-Times by the parent of WBEZ-FM will cost neither organization staff—and will instead be accompanied by substantial hiring.
This year’s Chicago International Film Festival will happen both in-person and online with what Sun-Times contributor Bill Stamets calls “less costly virtual screenings.”

‘You silly pathetic little troll.’ Actor John Cusack fired back at a Barstool Sports writer who complained that Cubs fan Cusack can’t also root for the White Sox.
And yeah, yeah, yeah, you superstitious sports fans: Here’s an obligatory story about the guy with a cane.
Mayor Lightfoot and Phoenix’s mayor have a bet over the Chicago Sky-Phoenix Mercury WNBA Championship series.

Changing of the Jeopardy! guard. A player’s 38-game winning streak is over at last.
Host Mayim Bialik is (kind of) addressing her controversial statements over the years.

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