‘Illinois is different’ / Ch. 11 threat / ‘John Doe’ revealed

‘Illinois is different.’ Chicago Rep. Kelly Cassidy hails the General Assembly’s move to repeal a 1995 law requiring doctors to tell parents when girls under 18 seek abortions.
Gov. Pritzker’s indicated he’ll sign.
 An ex-Chicago Park District lifeguard supervisor has been arrested, accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old employee.
A University of Oregon political science professor explains that the erosion of abortion access began in Pennsylvania in 1992.

Vote of conscience. The Illinois House is sending the Senate a bill to clarify that the state’s Health Care Right of Conscience Act doesn’t cover refusal of COVID-19 vaccination.
Defying Pritzker’s statewide order, a suburb has declared itself “mask optional.”
Northwestern University says it’s recovered 4,500 COVID test kits stolen by students.
Chicago’s beloved Hideout music club has been vandalized with anti-vax rhetoric.

‘It is interesting you talk about Nazis so much.’ Patch columnist Mark Konkol has a few words for Chicago’s anti-vax-mandate police union chief John Catanzara, who “just can’t stop himself from comparing the actions of a Black lesbian mayor … to Nazi Germany.”
The ex-president of Gary’s police union has been indicted on charges of using excessive force against a man he’d arrested and handcuffed. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.*)

‘The two nonvictims who are dead … could not be reached for comment.’ Tribune columnist Rex Huppke takes issue with a judge’s ruling that those killed by teen gunman Kyle Rittenhouse can’t be called “victims.”
Huppke’s ex-Trib colleague Eric Zorn encourages “lefty Twitter” to ease up: “A person is a victim only when he or she is a victim of a crime, and the main issue at Rittenhouse’s trial when it begins next week will be whether or not Rittenhouse committed a crime.”

‘There are dollars here for damn near everything.’ That’s how one Chicago City Council member describes the budget passed yesterday in record time.

‘I would have never imagined seeing this steep of a decline.’ Chicago’s new (and newly pay-bumped) schools CEO is shocked by the district’s enrollment drop.
But the city’s school system is still—just barely—the nation’s third-largest.

Ch. 11 threat. A menacing call last night prompted evacuation of the building that houses WTTW-TV and WFMT-FM, just a half-hour before the TV station’s signature Chicago Tonight was to air …
 … but then the show went on.

Evanston Roundtable is, like Chicago Public Square,
a member of the Chicago Independent Media Alliance.

‘John Doe’ revealed. Kyle Beach has indentified identified himself as the player who accused a former Blackhawks video coach of sexual abuse …
 … and he’s suing the Hawks.
Florida fans are outraged that then-Hawks coach Joel Quenneville is still leading the Panthers NHL team.
Apparently removed from the Lewis University website: A celebration of alumnus—and then-Hawks “mental skills coach”—Jim Gary …
 … but Google’s cached the page here.

Crisis No. 1. BuzzFeed News reports Arizona is at the threshold of the West’s first major water crisis.
The Guardian: A global analysis concludes that every part of society is failing at the “transformational change” necessary to address global warming.
Gov. Pritzker is headed to next week’s UN Climate Change Conference to promote Illinois’ efforts to ward off the crisis.
The Conversation: What Big Oil knew about climate change—in its own words.

* ‘I’ve had some hard times but there are so many who are going through much worse.’ Not that you’d know it from his award-winning work over the last several months, but Keith reveals in a Facebook post that he’s been dealing with both cancer and COVID-19.

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