New: µ / ‘Racist infrastructure’ / ‘It’s not acceptable’

New: µ. The COVID-19 variant designated mu (12th letter of the Greek alphabet) has now been detected in at least 49 of the United States …

 … but researchers are on the fence whether it’s just a VOI (variant of interest) or, worse, a VOC (variant of concern)—resistant to a vaccine-driven immune response.
Northwestern University research confirms the importance of that second shot.
The Associated Press: Across the country, police officers and other first responders are among those most hesitant to get vaccinated.

Punishing winds. Chicago could see rough weather Tuesday.
A Penn State meteorologist says Hurricane Ida’s devastation bears the “fingerprint of climate change.”
A coalition of environmental groups is calling for postponement of a UN climate summit in November because of COVID-19.
A Sun-Times editorial: Providing Chicagoans water at affordable rates is a great goal, but clean water doesn’t come cheap.

‘Racist infrastructure.’ A couple of urban policy professors suggest Congress make sure infrastructure legislation includes cash for partly or fully removing “highways that have isolated Black neighborhoods.”
WBEZ’s Curious City in 2016: “When the Eisenhower Expressway Moved in, Who Was Forced Out?

‘It’s not acceptable.’ Mayor Lightfoot says Ald. Jim Gardiner, whose leaked texts directed profanity at a fellow alderman and another alderman’s female chief of staff, needs to go beyond his personal apologies and make a public statement of contrition.
A University of Illinois at Chicago economics professor suggests to the Tribune that Chicago aldermen turn down their biggest pay raise in 15 years: “I don’t see why politicians … should get an inflation adjustment when the rest of Chicagoans don’t.”

Hey, now we’re one of those countries. UN human rights monitors are condemning Texas’ new anti-abortion law, which they say violates international law.
The U.S. Justice Department is “urgently” looking for ways to challenge that law.
A website for people to snitch on people helping Texas women obtain abortions was homeless again.
Michael Moore: “Men, angry men, violent men, have now won the right to force the majority gender into giving birth against their will.” (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)
A Chicago Theological Seminary professor: There’s more than one religious view on when life begins.
Boston University academics warn that the next attack on the Affordable Care Act may cost you free preventive health care.

Chicago Party Aunt isn’t afraid to name names.’ The Sun-Times’ Darel Jevens goes behind the scenes to the creation of a joke Twitter account that debuts as a Netflix cartoon series Sept. 17.
Here’s the preview.

Chicago Public Square’s pledge to you. Over the next several days, across all media, you’ll encounter no shortage of Sept. 11, 2001, remembrances. You’ll find none here … until Friday.
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