Double secret probation / Fingered by an aunt / New Metra stop?

Double secret probation. Reports of students drugged at fraternity parties have prompted Northwestern University to suspend all its frats’ social events and recruitment activities for at least three weeks.
The murder trial of an ex-Northwestern professor accused of killing his boyfriend while acting out a sexual fantasy was to begin today.

Downtown Chicago shootings. A 27-year-old woman has reportedly confessed to the downtown area’s 25th of the year.
At least 45 people so far this year have been accused of killing, trying to kill, or shooting someone in Chicago while awaiting trial for a felony.
A Chicago cop shot in the leg Friday night vows, “I’ll be back soon.”
Updating the case of a 7-year-old girl shot and killed in August, the Sun-Times unravels “an extraordinary chain of events … that veteran court observers believe is unprecedented in recent history.”

Fingered by an aunt. CWBChicago reports a man’s been arrested—accused of armed robbery on a CTA train downtown—after his aunt ID’d him in a police bulletin.
In a post-shutdown court thaw, more sentences are coming down in CTA robbery cases. (Cartoon: Keith J. Taylor.)
Chicago cops were investigating at least three carjackings over the weekend.

‘The last thing Chicago needs.’ An attorney and a researcher for the libertarian Institute for Justice contend in the Tribune that Mayor Lightfoot’s civil forfeiture proposal encourages policing for profit, not a reduction in violent crime.
The Sun-Times: Chicago parking tickets for the year that ended June 30 were up 71%.

Cloudy forecast. Axios: Despite Lightfoot’s pledge to invest $188 million in environmental programs, neither she nor her staff have produced any specific goals—and the city’s Department of the Environment has yet to rematerialize.
Crain’s Chicago Business (behind one of Chicago’s most unforgiving paywalls): Get ready for winter home heating bills in Chicago 35% above last year—and even more in the suburbs.

New Metra stop? Crain’s: Chicago’s set a hearing on the notion of a transit hub in the Fulton Market business district.
 The cause of Saturday’s fatal crash of an Amtrak train from Chicago to Seattle remained under investigation.

‘Saying This is not who we are about white people chasing Black people on horses is a bit of a stretch.’ John Oliver was unimpressed by White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s attempt to distance the Biden administration from U.S. treatment of migrants in Texas.
Popular Information: “Fox News embraces white nationalism and these advertisers embrace Fox News.”
Gawker’s Olivia Craighead says host Mayim Bialik is destroying Jeopardy!: “The integrity of the show relies on having someone at its helm who can make up for the lack of charisma brought by people who are nerdy enough to get on the show in the first place.”

Correction of note.
Friday’s Chicago Public Square confused Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with his unfinished 10th. Jeff Hanneman was the first of several helpful readers to report the goof …
 … as was the case today with a typo above, reported nearly simultaneously by Bob Back, Jim Parks and Charlie Pajor.

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